Online Playmaker PodcastI’m sitting on the left-hand side of the audience. I’m scared, nervous, and still trying to figure out why I am here.

There is a simple burning desire in me that screams, “You deserve more in life. You were created for greatness.” And yet I am sitting here at an event called, Live The Dream II, having just lost my restaurant and my house 30-ish days ago.

I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor at my best friends house. My life now fits into a 10 x 10 storage unit.

Thankfully I still have a job at Disney as a Chef, but I don’t feel at home there anymore. I crave something more. I crave financial, family, and time freedom.

Up on stage stands a speaker by the name of Norbert Orlewicz. He is telling us, that we can achieve anything we want in life if we just believe. Then he takes us through an exercise that transformed my life. A simple 5-minute walk-through of our perfect day.

Vividly I remember this moment. It was the moment that I began to create my future.

“On the morning of my perfect day, I woke up next to my best friend and the love of my life. (Still looking for him by the way) We have a good morning kiss and get ready for our day.

Our 3 kids come bounding into the room, with demands and need to start the day. My husband and I would look over at each other and laugh. It was the start of a perfect day.

Breakfast was bacon and eggs with tons of love and laughter. The kids were excited because my family was all coming to visit us today. It would be the first time in years that all of six kids and their families, with our parents, would be in the same place. This was the perfect day.

After breakfast, the kids and I head out to do some shopping and get last minute groceries for tonight’s dinner. We stop for ice-cream and enjoy the sun and time outdoors.

Dropping the kids off at home with my husband, I head out to pamper myself with a quick mani and pedi. Life is perfect.

Evening rolls around and the family begins to arrive. I am tearing up as I write this, because this is one of my biggest reasons why I am chasing my dreams.

In my mind right now, I am surrounded by my brothers and sisters. There are kids everywhere and there is so much laughter and storytelling. It’s perfect.

As the day comes to a close, we are all gathered on the back patio, sharing stories of what it was like growing up. Our kids are out playing together, building friendships that I hope will last a lifetime.

The night ends with the kids tucked in bed, and I’m crawling into bed with my husband. I say a prayer for my family and whisper just before I fall asleep, “This Was My Perfect Day”.”

5 Years Later…

Norbert and ChefStanding in the lobby of another live event that I attended this year called No Excuses Summit 7, and in walks Norbert Orlewicz!

In that split second I flashback to that moment at Live the Dream II.

Before me stand a mentor that didn’t even know that he mentored me. Giving me the strength and desire to continue moving forward in my journey of an Online Entrepreneur. When I felt like giving up, I remembered my perfect day and what I was fighting for.

I approach him and the first words out of my mouth, “You had the biggest impact on my success as an online marketer.”

I gave him a huge hug! Then share with him how his presentation of a “Perfect Day” shaped my future.

Throughout this event, we got to chat and then while at dinner, he tells me that he needs to interview me for his podcast Online Playmaker Sessions.

He said my story is just what his audience needs to hear. This blew me away.

Online Playmaker Podcast

After a few months of schedules not matching up… this was the result.

And if you want to plugin and listen to the podcast. Click Here to Access it on itunes podcast.

This is the very first time I talk about and do a training on Pinterest.

So if you want a sneak peak of what Pinterest can do for your business. This is one podcast you want to listen in and take lots of notes!

Currently, this podcast for Online Playmaker Sessions is the most popular. I don’t say this to brag, okay maybe just a little. What I share is a journey, one that is real and can be achieved by so many people. From those just getting started online or those struggling to build a business, there is a lesson in here that may resonate with you.

You never know what nugget bombs or moments in this training that will stay with you. I hope that I am able to pass on the mentorship that Norbert gave to me, unknowingly.

I don’t know who needs to hear this today. I just know that the reason that you have come this far in my blog, is because something hit home with you.

I can’t thank you enough for spending some time with me, reading and listening to my story. I look forward to one day meeting you in person.

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If you got value from this post or was blown away by the training inside this podcast… comment below. Would love to hear from you.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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