Have you met WalkTalk yet?


You haven’t… oh boy do I have something amazing to share with you today.

I don’t know about you but I knew that one day, someday this would happen. Social media as we know it would evolve and get better.

Remember that as I am writing this Facebook is a whopping 12 years old. It’s super young and started off as a way for college kids to find people or meet new people on campus. Now, look at it!

It’s evolved into a global connection of family, friends, business contacts, marketing, groups, charity, events… and so much more.

My only issue with Facebook besides the millions of ads…

I have no idea why we are friends? Where did we meet? How do I know you? It’s frustrating!

How many times have you seen posts from people claiming they are deleting peeps from their friends because they don’t know who they are. It’s kinda sad.

It’s because of this lack of knowing that I have a pending friend request on Facebook of over 550 people.

Which leads me to my introduction to you of a new badass social platform called WebTalk

WebTalk Review

Let’s start with an overview and then I will highlight some of my favorite features on this platform.

To be honest it took me about 2 weeks to build in the memory muscle to play on this new platform. You know the saying out of sight, out of mind…

Now that I am over here posting and engaging with some cool ass peeps, I love this platform. So many cool features.

Let me list just a few things that make WebTalk a no brainer…

5 Benefits of WebTalk

Let’s start with benefit number 5 and work our way down. It’s like the top hits of WebTalk.

5. Patent Pending Social CRM – Simple & Quick segregation of Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Prospects for business.

Add keywords to search your contacts faster. Built-In groups, Newsfeed Channels & Privacy!

Ability to flag a connection as a potential prospect. Perfect for those looking to create leads or be able to follow up! I can see this being a huge benefit to those in the network marketing, affiliate marketing, real estate, and other industries. No more guessing!

4. Control Over Your Newsfeed! – Post to the public with Built-in Blog Feature. Post just to your professional network. Post to just your personal network. Post to private group channels.

Even filter your newsfeed by network, groups &  media attachments. Finally… you control who and what shows up in your newsfeed! 

3. Next Generation Profile:

  • Custom Header Banner.
  • Custom Header Tagline.
  • Photo, Video and File Galleries.
  • Customizable with HTML
  • Get Recommendations to add credibility

2. Pages for Businesses & Entertainers (coming soon)

  • Built-In Stores
  • Built-In Reviews
  • Built-In Product Importer (from other stores)
  • Built-In Contact Management
  • **Never pay to reach your followers**

1. **Beta Tester 5-Tier Team Bonus!**


BETA TESTERS (YOU): refer/invite ONE (1) user/customer who purchases one of Webtalk’s PRO premium feature packages (monthly or annual) and you will earn (be awarded)…

10% Revenue Share for LIFE on all revenues generated through a 5-Tier referral network(people you invite, who they invite, who they invite through 5-Degrees of separation). YOUR 5-TIERS WILL CONTINUE TO GROW AFTER THE BETA (if applicable)

1) 10% (your referrals)

2) 10%
3) 10%
4) 10%
5) 10%

That’s up to 50% of Webtalk’s revenue for LIFE!

Only users who join Webtalk’s Beta test launch will be eligible for the 5-Tier revenue sharing commission plan upon the launch of the SocialCPX affiliate program. All others who join the affiliate program after Beta testing has been completed will not be eligible for this bonus.

Note: Pro premium features are coming soon

Note 2: Market Averages suggest 5% of your referrals will upgrade from a Free account to a Paid Pro account (approx. 1/20 people you invite to Webtalk). Therefore, it is suggested to invite at least 20 people to join Webtalk to give you a better opportunity to earn the bonus.

WebTalk Still in Beta

Are you excited yet? I’m kinda bouncing up and down right now… might be cause I have this blue exercise ball I sit on while working on my computer but that is beside the point. 🙂

Now if you were to head over there by yourself… you would hit a bit of a roadblock. See you still have to be invited to be part of this amazing platform.

It’s still in beta, at least for now. You might find this post months later and find you missed out on an amazing opportunity to be on a new platform building your business.

I believe the saying is that the early bird gets the worm…

So are you ready to get your invite? It’s pretty simple..

If you follow directions you should see this image

After you sign up… connect with me! From there I will guide to my amazing community where I share with you all my training videos! Discover how to build your referral list in just days and get your butt in gear!

It’s time to rethink social marketing and it begins with WebTalk!

I look forward to seeing and connecting with you!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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