Value Leadership – What Is It?

Over the past couple of months the term value leadership keeps coming up. What does it mean to be a value leader?

In most of my research I have come across value leadership in the corporate business world. The articles are mainly about the values of the leaders and having a code of ethics. They also talk about giving value and being transparent.

So then I began to wonder if you can do value leadership with network marketing. Could you provide value and attract people to you that want to do a business? Is that even possible?

Adding Value Leadership

Back in April I had the opportunity to attend a 4-day weekend “Done for You Video Marketing” event. I paid about $2,000 to learn how to build my brand and use video marketing to generate leads for my business.

Value LeadershipWhat was interesting to learn was the biggest stumbling block most of us had was mindset. Getting over our fear of being in front of the camera. We also learned how to research our targeted audience and brainstorm. Sometimes we are so close to our business that we don’t always see the obvious.

One of the biggest breakthroughs for me was the term value leadership. Jessica Brace my mentor kept saying this over and over again. What Jessica was telling me was, it is not about you, it is about them. Answer their questions. Prove yourself to be a value resource.

No one knows your business better than you do. So find out the most common question and answer them. Let people know that you know your stuff and that you are here for them. Begin to provide value. Be of gratitude and give.

So I learned the power of adding value leadership to my network marketing opportunity. I began sharing what Jessica taught me to my fans, clients, and downline. I invested more into my education so that I can provide more value to my team.

How Can You Apply Value Leadership?

You can apply value leadership right now to your network marketing business. Invest in your education.

As a network marketer we have two responsibilities.

  1. Learn to network with people that know more than you do. Expand your network of influence and be willing to step outside your comfort zone.  I have found the great success in networking with other that are like minded. They already know about network marketing and just want to be part of a successful team.
  2. Market – YOU have to learn how to market yourself. This is one thing you will not learn from your MLM company. They will not teach you how to market. Why? Because that is what they are paying you to do. You are their billboard and advertiser.  It is your responsibility to learn how to market and my top resource for this hands down is, Elite Marketing Pro.

Learning value marketing is no different then telling your friends about a book you read or a movie you saw. Your responsibility is just to share value. Think of value leadership as you telling the story. The ending is what you don’t tell, so that people come to you looking for that last piece of information.

You! then become the solution they were looking for.

That is the power of value leadership.

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