network and marketingTwo simple words, Network and Marketing.

Together network marketing has defined a business model which has also gone by the name Multi-Level Marketing. But because MLM has gotten such a bad rap, we had to create another phrase that defined what we do.

Network marketing is a better term for what we do as home business owners. We create a network of entrepreneurs. An industry that is determined to help more people achieve financial success by helping others.

As with any business, there are always a few bad apples, I am sure you can find them in your own company. The ones that take shortcuts, make promises they can’t keep, and talk a lot of B.S.

Yup, we have them also in the network marketing industry. Just proving once again that this is a business and people are responsible for their own action. Some people will promise the moon and others will give you a realist look at what you are about to get into.

It’s up to you to find the person or team that can successfully help you build your business.

But first I want to shed some light on the words Network and Marketing

Network and Marketing Defined

Most people when they join a network marketing opportunity they think that all they have to do is tell a few people about their opportunity and they will be jumping through hoops to join.

Until they get the 3rd No, or the 5th No, or the 12th NO… and then you hear them say… “this isn’t working.”

The reason it isn’t working is because the realistic expectations weren’t set in the beginning.

Here, let me explain in this short 2 minute 30 second video.

My recommended marketing training for those that want to learn the skills to build their MLM is Attraction Marketing Formula.

As I mentioned in the video, your business is two words, Network and Marketing.

Step 1. Learn to network. Go to and join activities and events in your area. Become involved in your community.

Step 2. Learn to market. Develop marketing skill such as Facebook Marketing, Video Marketing, Attraction Marketing, Blogging, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, etc.

Master the foundation with Attraction Marketing Formula and then use the marketing methods above to drive insane amounts of traffic to your opportunity or products.

Network and Marketing are two words that have the power to help you build a strong and lasting network marketing business.

When you are presenting your business opportunity also present tools that can help your new distributor master the art of marketing.

Network and Marketing Final Thoughts

Network Marketing is work. It’s going to take a commitment of at least 5 years from you taking daily and consistent action.

If you want this business to replace your income and support you for the rest of your life… then be willing to put in the time and treat it like a business not a hobby.

Success is just s decision away and it begins with the thoughts network and marketing. Don’t just say the words… take action with them also.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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