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Blogging is your central content distribution hub online. It’s the one true asset you own and you rent social media space.

In the blogging to grow your business blab, we dive into how and what you should be blogging about.

The Secrets of Blogging

Blogging for BusinessThe business of blogging is nothing more than connecting with your targeted audience.

There are ONLY two reasons that people are on the internet…

  1. Education
  2. Entertainment

If you understand this then creating content for your business blog becomes pretty simple.

Here are 10 simply strategies that you can use to create content.

  • Reactor – Your reaction to something you read, learned, or viewed.
  • Stats – Compile some stats… did you know that 80% of people that use the internet read a blog?
  • Interview – Interview people, customers, business partners, happy clients, industry leaders… etc.
  • Quote Post – A list of your favorite quotes and why?
  • Crowd Sourced – Getting the opinion of a group of people on a specific question or topic.
  • Compilation – listing resources such as this post… Valuable Resources
  • How T0 – Creating a how to post or video for training (extremely powerful)
  • The Roundup List – an example – 25 recipes that will help you loose 10 lbs.
  • Case Study/Results – what are some of the results you or others have gotten?
  • Review – We all like to read reviews about products or services we want to purchase.

Blogging for Business

In this blab we are covering everything from the power of Facebook Marketing to getting people to optin to your email list.

Blogging for Business is nothing more than utilizing social media to drive traffic to content on your blog.

Your blog is where the action takes place. Where you get people interested in what you have to offer and build trust.

Blogging is a long term business strategy. It’s not quick but over time it is the most effective.

With blogging, once you create the content it lives on the web for years. I can be a lead faucet that never turns off. With social media the life span of a post if you are lucky, is about 3 days and then people move on.

But if you learn the power of blogging and the blend of SEO and Social Media, you can blast your way to success much faster than if you just focused on posting social media.

Your true value as a business own is found in having your own website and creating a blog for ongoing content.

There are thousands of people right now search the internet for your product or service. Isn’t it time you got in front of them?

Learn how to correctly blog for business with my Blogging Course.

I’m bent on helping businesses succeed. Let me know if you got value from this Blab about Blogging by commenting below and sharing on social media.

If you have questions about blogging post them below and look to see those questions answer on a Blab about Blogging!

*resources mentioned in Blab about Blogging

Yours in Gratitude,

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