About 4 years ago I submitted my request to join Pinterest. Back then it was an invite only kind of party and you had to know someone already using Pinterest. It created a demand unlike any I have seen in a long while for a social media site.

There was a Pinterest page on Facebook where people were just dropping their email addresses begging to get in. It was crazy!

So I went to the Pinterest site, entered in my name and email and within the hour I had my Pinterest account. Yet when I went back to the Facebook fan page, people were still claiming that it was taking weeks to get approved.

I am going to say this was some very clever marketing on Pinterests part. They really created a demand.

When they rolled out with the business side of Pinterest… for those familiar with Facebook, think of it like a Facebook Fan Page. They took you off the personal side and turned you into a business.

My thinking… I am a business owner in the network marketing and business building industry. My intent with Pinterest is to monetize it eventually. Might as well turn it in an asset for my personal brand and business.

…And that is what I did.

Marketers: A New Ad Source

As a marketer myself I am always looking for ways to gain more exposure for my business. I have always known that Pinterest was huge… but I basically ignored it. I would post images and then blog posts when they allowed that. I have had a few leads but nothing crazy.

Then the other day I read an article by Gary Vanyerchuk and I was like… Crap… I have to start building on Pinterest and like do it today.

This was the article; Marketers: Say Hello To Your New Ad Source

Pinterest is proving to be a very valuable tool and marketing system.

Did you know that the average time on Pinterest is 90 Minutes! The primary demographic is female.

  • 85% of Pinterest users are female
  • Half-life of a pin is 3.5 months!
  • Call to action in the description increase engagement by 80%

Click here to learn more stats about Pinterest. It’s pretty fascinating.

So what does this mean for you and your business?

Promoting Pins on Pinterest

For some time now I have been receiving emails about my ability to promote pins. Right now as of when I am writing this, it is invite only. (June 2015)

I kept blowing it off but after reading Gary Vaynerchucks article I felt compelled to test it out. If I had the opportunity to test and tweak a lead generating machine, I wanted in while the prices were low and the competition almost out of the game.

As a business owner, if images are your thing… I highly recommend getting on Pinterest. There is a case study on how Walgreens used Pinterest to increase sales and tripled their referral traffic. Click here to read more.

If you own a business you could be leaving traffic, money, and more on the table.

Join me over the next few weeks as I delve into the world of promoted pins and marketing on Pintrest. Tomorrow we kick off with how to create a Pinterest Business account and making sure you avoid these common mistakes.

Make sure you are on my Insider Secrets, as seen below, so that you don’t miss a single training.

See you on the flip side tomorrow!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Jeff Beeman

      Looking forward to the updates and tips on how to make this part of an over all lead generation strategy! ~ JB

      • Katrina

        It’s been fun learning and playing in this arena. Can’t wait to share more details.

    • Ruthanne

      Thanks, Katrina, for these updates on my absolute favorite social media site! Anxious to have Pinterest open up advertising to businesses. Do you know their timeframe?

      • Katrina

        You can already transition to a business account right now. I think for most businesses they are allowing you to promote pins.

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