Thanksgiving Basket Brigade 2014

Thanksgiving Basket Brigade 2Have you ever heard of a Thanksgiving Basket Brigade?

Up until this year I had not hear of it either.  So let me share with you my story of how I discovered the Thanksgiving Basket Brigade.

A few months back I had the opportunity to attend a video marketing event. While I was there I got to meet an amazing woman by the name of Jacqueline Giurleo.

This is a lady with a huge heart and amazing event planner. Jackie talked about putting together something called a Power Team. A community of leaders and members that wanted to grow their business, focus on self development, and make a difference in the world.

I told her I was all in and that I just needed to know what to do.  From there we went our separate ways as life goes.

Then a few weeks back she came into town and talked about putting together a Thanksgiving Basket Brigade. I told her I would help any way I could.

A Thanksgiving Basket Brigade is the donation of all food items need for a Thanksgiving dinner put into a basket. Then we contact local churches and charities and find out if they can recommend any families. If you know of a family in your area you can recommend them also.

So day of… everyone meets and helps build the brigade. All items are sorted out and then the fun begins. Volunteers from all over the area, we had 150, begin building these baskets. It was amazing!  Check it out!

Once all the baskets are build we then have drivers that registered ahead of time that brings these baskets to the families. This is where the magic happens. The act of giving had a huge impact on people.

This Thanksgiving Basket Brigade in Brevard County fed over 300+ families.

Thanksgiving Basket Brigade

This room had over 250 baskets in it. It was amazing.

It is so easy to get caught up in our lives. Many of us have been down and yet gestures like this are appreciated. Just months ago this could have been me. It is a blessing to give. I invite you to learn more about this amazing event by visiting…

Also on this page are links to find out if there is a basket brigade you can take part in. I know that this brigade is already building for Christmas.

Catch the fever of giving this holiday season!

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    • Joaane

      What a fantastic event. That is awesome. I love being of service to people in our community, and it is so wonderful to connect with other people like yourself that do as well.

      • Katrina

        I really love the fact that this event takes place all over the U.S. Great family event.

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