Reliv IncomeWhat’s this about Reliv?

Chances are that you are here looking for some information about Reliv and maybe even more curious on how you can supplement your income.

I can totally relate!

Not too long ago I was a corporate chef that was climbing the corporate ladder but discovering along the way that something was missing from my life. I was tired of trading my time for a few measly bucks.

So when I stumbled across network marketing and more importantly Reliv, I was ready to start building my business.

But like many of us that join the network marketing industry… we start off on fire and burn to smoldering ashes in a few short months.

Calling up family and friends can make our family and friends never want to talk to us again. Then there is the old method of spending tons of money on yard signs, business card, newspaper ads, post-it notes, and billboards… to see little or no return on our investment.

It can be very frustrating and one of the main reasons that many leave the network marketing industry disillusioned.

If I can just be honest… I think you should tell prospect that there is a good chance they won’t make a single penny in this business. Let’s just be upfront with people.

BUT what if there was a way to make money while prospecting? What if you could supplement your Reliv income with a bit of marketing?

Now I want you to have an open mind about this.

Your Reliv Income

Your Reliv income comes from the sales of Reliv products. When a customer buys Reliv products you make anywhere from 20%-$40% on the sale.

When you sign up a new distributor… you get a percentage of their sales. Say you joined Reliv at the 40% profit level and your new distributor came in at the 25% profit level. The difference between the two is the money you will make from your team.

What does it cost to become a Reliv Distributor? Only $25 bucks. (a steal in my book for building a home business)

Then you have the cost of your product minus your profit level. So if you came in at the 40% profit level… you also get 40% off your products.

Great start to any business… and since the company has been around for 25 years, you can bet that it will be around for another 25+ years.

Supplementing Your Reliv Income

Like I stated earlier, I know many Reliv distributors that have left the business because they weren’t making any money.

Heck for that matter how many people do you know that have left the networking industry because they weren’t making any money.

What I am about to reveal to you, less that 10% of the network marketing industry puts into practice and those that do… make a six-figure income in about 12-18 months.

The secret….

Front end an affiliate product… to back-end your Reliv opportunity.

Let me explain…

Instead of beating people over the head with your Reliv opportunity… become a value leader.

How many people do you think join the network marketing industry every day? I’m guessing 1000’s around the world.

Of those thousands how many of them are going to turn to the internet to find a way to build their business?

What if you had a way to help them? What if you could provide a solution like Attraction Marketing Formula, which teaches you how to recruit endless leads rejection free into your business using the internet?

For $27 bucks you learn the biggest secrets to building your MLM online. And once you purchase the product you become an affiliate for the product.

Meaning that once you see how awesome this training is, you are going to want to share with your upline, downline, and future team members. You will be giving them the power to build their business with the best resource to be found on the internet.

You make a few bucks… and you get a resource to help train your team, empowering them to achieve success in their business.

You have just stepped into the role of a value leader. As you continue to learn and grow, so does your business and your paychecks. For the first time ever you have not just one residual check… but now you have two.

When you become an instructor to network marketers you increase your value. People will be searching you out, asking how they can join your team. All because you provided a solution to helping them build their business.

Retaining Your Reliv Team

I promise that you will work less and make more money in your Reliv business, if you can provide the resources and training that your team is looking for to succeed. We all know that each of us has a different way of building our business. Why not provide that training resource.

Once you get your hands on Attraction Marketing Formula, you will also have access to Elite Marketing Pro, YouTube training, Facebook Training, Blog Training, Email Training, Sales Funnel Training, and so much more.

You now have a resource library that you can share with your team… and because it is education there is no competition with your Reliv business.

I don’t know about you but this makes perfect sense to me. Lead with value and back-end your opportunity.

Did you find value in this post? Did it make sense? Do you think others would benefit from this post? Please feel free to share on your favorite social media site using the icons below or to the left. 🙂

My recommendation… learn about Attraction Marketing and get your hands on the Attraction Marketing Formula. As a personal bonus from me, you will get invited into my private mastermind group where my friend Bob and I show you exactly how to apply this formula to your network marketing opportunity. 🙂

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    4 replies to "How to Supplement Your Reliv Income"

    • Ruthanne

      Katrina, I wish I’d known this information YEARS ago! What a massive help this post provides!!!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Ruthanne. I feel like it is part of my DNA now to share a better way to build a network marketing business. It’s a totally different approach, but one that really works!

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      Katrina, thanks as always! I never heard anyone tell me the words, “it is possible that you won’t make any money in this business” I think if you’re honest, that’s the first step towards people trusting you. I think I’m lucky to have stumbled over AMF and Elite Marketing Pro.
      You’re an awesome leader! Thank you.

      • Katrina

        People play up so much of what can happen when you join network marketing… but they forget to share some of the reality. I think people would have a better image of the MLM industry if we showed them the comp plan and said… As good as this looks… I am going to be honest, I have friends that have never made a dime, but if you are willing to work hard for yourself, and use some of the tools I can provide then you stand a better chance than most. It’s up to you.

        I am so glad that you found AMF and EMP also. I love your leadership within our mastermind Team on Fire! Continue rocking your business. 🙂

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