Should You Be Marketing to Network Marketers?

Now here is an interesting topic that came up in my meeting last night. Should you market to other network marketers?

What do you think? Do you think you would sponsor more people if you spoke with other network marketers?

In this quick video I share with you the pro and con of marketing to network marketers.

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What they don’t tell you about marketing to network marketers

Shockingly 97% of the people you talk to will say no to your opportunity. That means that you will only recruit 3%. Wow, that almost wants to make you give up and throw in the towel. No wonder most of those in the industry don’t stay around very long.

I am sure it has happened to you, I know it has happened to me, get a couple to see the business, they join and 3 months later they are out. They disappear to the wind. If they were a friend, you may have lost this friendship also. Yikes.

The good news is you can go another way.  Like any good cook, if you make a mistake 80% of the time is can be fixed. Only a couple of things need to get thrown away.

So throw away the concept of marketing your business and learn to market education and training. All of us struggle with building our business, especially if we are new to network marketing. We may not know what to say or how to say it. We want to be trained to be master recruiters and sponsor 100’s into our downline.

We are all looking for help. Even I still invest in my education. I believe that the more I learn the more I value I can share with you. I get to give you the secrets that I am learning. It is all part of paying if forward.

So what training do I recommend?

Now before I recommend them I want to make myself crystal clear. Some of these are affiliate programs, if you have never hear of affiliate, it means that I will make a small amount of money when you purchase a product. Click or don’t click it is completely up to you. But know this, the top recruiters in your company either use affiliate marketing or sell their own product. Think about it.

If you honestly want to be successful online your education begins here with Magnetic Sponsoring. The is the Godfather of online attraction marketing.  In all my years of online training everything that works uses the basic principles found in this course.

Already understand attraction marketing and now ready to learn some of the top income producing marketing strategies? Then for you I would recommend My Lead System Pro. The only system I have come across that teaching marketing training that works and is currently being used by 6 and 7-figure income earners. These are the people I model my training after. If it works….. 🙂

I am also an avid reader and read only books that empower and help improve my mindset. I have also linked them to amazon so you can get your hands on them right away.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Publisher: Business Plus

The Slight Edge

Think and Grow Rich: The Original 1937 Unedited Edition

I have found tons of value in these books and this was the start of my mindset. Continue your education.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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