Is blogging still important? Does it even make sense to be blogging with social media, YouTube, Podcasts, and Click Funnels?

Is it worth the less than $100 buck a year to maintain a blog site?

I mean really the cost is about $5 for a domain name. Maybe $75/year for the hosting and then the purchase of your SSL to secure your site.

Why spend time learning how to set up a blog and then start blogging?

Honestly, it’s a great question and I’m glad you’re asking, or even reading this blog post about it. I do have some strong opinions about blogging.

Maybe I am a relic, maybe I am outdated, or maybe I am just extra smart. I’ll let you pass judgment. Heck, leave a comment if you are up to it.

Blogging in 2020 – Year of Vision

Can you believe it, 2020 is just around the corner and here I am just getting back into the swing of things for blogging.

Honestly, if you look at my blog it’s been a while since I wrote blog posts almost back to back. Why am I back? What changed over the last few years that has me breathe life back into my blog?

I’m a watcher. It’s what I do. I watch, observe, take note and see the changes coming our way. I’ve been watching online marketing for the last 12 years and many things have changed and a few remain the same.

One thing I’ve noticed is that blogging is coming back in. It actually has to. Without bloggers, content becomes scarce on the internet. See the internet is dependent on new content or updated content.

With how fast technology, social media, and search marketing are updating and changing, we need you to help keep us up to date. We need content, ideas, and a safe place to get to know people.

Have you noticed that most of the content you are finding is over a year old? It’s because there is a lack of content being created.

Do you know what this means for you? A wide-open space to dominate the web with your brand, products, training, content… The web is thirsty for your content. I promise you if you begin blogging today, you will start to dominate the SEO (search engine optimization).

In 2020 I expect to see a shift from social marketing to a blend of social and search marketing. Bring a balance to both for the first time in a decade.

Kinda like Star Wars… It’s time to bring balance to the web!

Is It Hard To Start A Blog?

Define hard? I will say that it takes a different mindset if you’ve been focused on social media for the last decade.

But if you have been writing posts, doing videos, sharing thoughts and ideas then blogging is what you are already doing. It’s just time to bring it to your space. Blogging is the only space you own on the internet. You are just renting social media space.

Of course, I have some recommendations if you are just getting started with blogging and want to know where to start.

In order of how I would purchase or get my hands on…

    • I use them for both my domain and my hosting. They have an incredible customer support team that has been right there helping me when I stumble or have questions. As a blogger and online marketer I highly recommend them.
  • OptimizePress
    • This is a paid theme for WordPress users and I love them. I’ve been using this theme for the last 6 years. It has all the capabilities you will need to grow into as a blogger and online marketer. It includes blogging, landing pages, funnels, webinar templates, launch funnel, e-commerce, membership… and so much more.

While you might be thinking to yourself… “I’m not sure if I’m ready for this.”

No one is ever ready to start blogging. But once you grasp that this is your hub, your home, your voice, your business, your brand, and your promise… the sky is the limit on what you can build for your business.

If you are interested I created this 5 Minute Blog Recipe that you can have for free… I walk you through the simple process of setting up your blog.

This goodie is packed with tons of secrets and must-knows about blogging. It’s a good place to start if you are a home business owner or even an affiliate marketer. I know you are going to love some of the juicy tips inside.

Make 2020 your year for your personal brand and your blog.

As I share with my Pinterest students, blogging allows your business to be found and shared with others. This is one way to build your online influence.

If you got value from this post I would appreciate the share to your favorite social media site.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

P.S. As an entrepreneur building your business is about accessing top training, resources, and building income streams without breaking the bank… learn about a project that is impacting the entrepreneurial world for the better.