Should You Trust Internet Marketing Expert Mike Dillard?

With so many people on the internet claiming they are an internet marketing expert you may be confused on whom to follow. I can totally relate to this. I have been following many different internet marketing experts over the past couple of years. Some have been more about the money and less about the education. Those that I continue to follow are those that believe in providing value over and over again. Those that you should follow and mimic are those that are helping you achieve your goals and educate you on a topic that interests you.

To help you achieve your goals you should be looking for leaders that are offering training that has true benefit to you. I believe that as a friend in the MLM industry that you should have a voice and a website. So I teach others how to build their online presence by creating a blog and using social media to drive traffic back to your blog. Use your blog as a home base to promote your training and opportunity.

So why do I promote and believe so much in internet marketing expert Mike Dillard? It was the bond I felt when I read about his struggles and how he created amazing course that taught me what it really meant to be in the MLM industry. It is more that my opportunity or product, it is hopes and dreams. It was learning that my opportunity ย in my MLM company was actually marketing. Marketing myself and my ability to help others.

Mike Dillard created his first course called Magnetic Sponsoring. This small book was life changing for me and is still the most powerful read in the MLM industry. If you are in networking marketing and haven’t read this book I recommend that you do.

Ever since his first course, I have purchased every course that Mike Dillard had ever created. He has always provided powerful training and information that will have you rethinking how you look at the MLM industry. Mike talks about his struggle for over 5 years in the MLM industry, how he lost more money in buying leads then he ever made in the many MLM companies he was in. Mike shares about how awful he was a recruiting people and how the only people to join him in any of his opportunities was a few family members. How he lost most of his friends trying to pitch them his opportunity.

But once Mike cracked the code, he went from broke to six figures in about 18months. What was his secret? Investing in his education and self development. He started spending money on his education to learn marketing and share that knowledge with those of us in the MLM industry. Mike catapulted to the top of his MLM company. He has built a community called that brings together top industry leaders that share what is working for them, both online and off line to build their business. I have been a proud member for the past 3 years. Get to know the leaders that are making it happen. Connect with them and share your knowledge.

I believe in connecting with quality leaders and following people that can mentor me on my path to success. I hope that each blog post I write helps you gain more insight and makes you a leader in you MLM company. You deserve nothing but the life you deserve to live.

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Yours in Gratitude,

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    • Cammie

      I’m not quite sure how to say this; you made it extermley easy for me!

    • Andrea Naomi

      Great post Chef Katrina! Mike always provides immense value which is the premise of attraction marketing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

      • Katrina

        Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Looking forward to seeing your comments again.

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