Reliv International Presidentby Ryan A. Montgomery, President

If you’ve been around Reliv, chances are you’ve probably heard my Reliv health story. I was nine years old when Dr. Theodore Kalogris started sending his original formula to our family. There was no can or label, and yes, the powder didn’t dissolve well and usually rested in large clumps at the bottom of my morning OJ. But my parents believed in Dr. Ted and the need for optimal nutrition.

I can honestly say I might have missed my Reliv shakes less than a handful of days over the past 31 years. I don’t know what life would be like without Reliv nutrition. I take almost every product Dr. Carl Hastings has developed. A Reliv shake is the first thing I do in the morning, and last thing I do every night.

Seeing Is Believing
Am I a believer in Reliv nutrition? You bet I am! I’ve been healthy my entire life. I consumed Reliv shakes through high school and college while training for sports all year round. My teammates wanted what I was taking, and lucky for them, I knew how to get plenty!

I don’t know what it’s like to not feel good, or to feel tired when I get home from work, or to lack the energy to play with my kids. Reliv shakes give me the vitality to live an active lifestyle, whether playing golf, going to the gym or coaching my kids’ teams. And just as important, I have mental clarity throughout the day to passionately pursue my work at the company I love.

I’ve heard thousands of Reliv stories over the years, but they never get old. The results people experience on our products inspire me every day. The one similarity in all of them: Reliv products change people’s lives. Turns out if you put the right fuel in your body, it runs better.

Eating Right: Easier Said Than Done
We all know that we must eat right to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But that’s easier said than done. Shopping for and cooking well-rounded meals every day can take more time than most of us have. And so we make unhealthy choices. Fast food drive-thrus and all-you-can-eat buffets lurk on every corner. Fat, salt, and sugar dominate almost every package on the shelf. The result: our “bliss point,” the amount of sugar, salt and fat that makes food taste best or most enjoyable, has skyrocketed in recent decades.

I’m as guilty as the next guy. I crave pizza, cheeseburgers, chicken wings, salty snacks, cookies, soda… My wife and I do our best to eat responsibly and teach our kids the importance of a healthy diet. But the truth is we fail too often and for many different reasons, from racing to kids’ ballgames to just wanting to enjoy a night of “comfort” food at one of our favorite eateries.

Reliv Bridges the Nutritional Gap
I’m healthy today because I bridge my own nutrition gap with Reliv shakes. Even more important to me is knowing that my children are healthy, despite how we sometimes spoil them with snacks and junk food. When I was growing up, junk food was only for a special treat, something fun on a Friday or Saturday night. But today we are all, especially our kids, exposed to so many tasty foods with no nutritional value. In fact, even the fruits and veggies today contain fewer nutrients than they did a generation ago.

My dad has a great saying that always generates a laugh from the crowd: “We’re killing ourselves with a spoon and fork.” Funny but true. Most people suffer from a daily nutrition gap. That’s reality. But that’s also why I believe in Reliv so much and believe that we’re positioned for the future and part of the long-term solution.

Reliv bridges the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. Reliv provides a convenient source for the essential nutrition everyone needs — young and old. And over time, daily consumption brings a healthier, more active life now and into the future.

Big Market Means Big Opportunity
Point of my story: Reliv’s largest target market is… people like ME! People that want to be healthy and stay healthy, and want the same for their family. In my opinion, every adult needs Reliv Now® and LunaRich X™ in their house, at a minimum. And every parent needs Reliv Now® for Kids on the shelf to give their kids what they aren’t getting.

Apathy towards health and nutrition will always persist among a certain percentage of the population, but I believe that percentage is decreasing. People interested in illness prevention and staying physically fit are Reliv’s largest target market, and our biggest opportunity for growth going forward.

So be sure to paint a picture of wellness for people you introduce to Reliv. Show them how Reliv nutrition supports a healthy, active lifestyle. And most important, always be a product of the product. I certainly intend to for another 31+ years!

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