Can “The Slight Edge” Make You a Millionaire?

The Slight Edge had been on my reading list for many years. But don’t wait that long…

If anything I am going to tell you to get your hand on this book ASAP! If you don’t read than get it on audio. You are going to fall in love with this book. You want to know why? (and it is not because I said so) 🙂

The Slight Edge actually gives you a way to achieve your personal goals. Seriously. It is the book that tells you how to make all the self help books your read become effective. You really want to loose weight… guaranteed way!  You want to make $1 Million dollars… found here! You want to build a business?…. can be found inside this book.

It is like having almost everyone of your questions answered. It is so simple and easy.


As easy as it is for you to do what is in this book, it is just as easy NOT to do.

We struggle with many things in our lives: health, family, work, stress, money, and many others. What the slight edge teaches, is that in doing the simple things, the mundane, we create great success and opportunity. In doing what other won’t do we begin to lay the path to our success. It you had to do one small thing every day over 365 days you would see results. Success is being actively immersed in the process 1 year from now. Make a choice to do one thing every day and see how that one action compounded over time changes your life. It all starts with a penny.

You will learn life stories and hopefully see a way of changing your life. You will no longer be able to continue down the path you are going down. This book will change your course and help set you on the path of the slight edge. Click on the image to grab your copy.

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    4 replies to "Slight Edge by Jeff Olson Review"

    • Adam

      Hey Chef,
      Like you, this book was on my reading list for years. On your recommendation I decided to read it, and while reading it I made a clear decision to finish it, reading a little bit everyday. I used the Slight Edge to read the Slight Edge;)

      • Katrina

        It became my favorite book and has literally transformed the way I do business. It is self development in action. 🙂

    • Sandra Rodriguez

      I’m reading this book right now and it really is a great read. Love the three stories: The Water Hyacinth, Two Frogs, and The Choice. There’s a valuable and powerful lesson in them. Glad to see your

      • Katrina

        Sandra, this book changed the way I do business. Very eye opening and I am glad you are getting value from this book. 🙂

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