Reliv: Nutritional Health Care Supplement with a Paycheck

Reliv Nutritional Health CareWouldn’t it be awesome if  we actually had health care instead of sick care. All we hear about in the news is the cost of health care going up. With this new health care enactment the cost of health care will continue to rise. The only way out of this mess is to take control of your health.

Meet Reliv.

Reliv is a nutritional company that is changing the world of nutrition. For so long we thought we were prisoners to our family’s health history.

The doctors always ask… “Does this run in your family?” “Does your family have a history of this disease, illness, etc.?”

What if you could change your health history and your family’s health history. You’re no longer a prisoner to your family’s genetic past.

By now I am sure you are asking… How is this possible?

Unlike so many other nutritional companies out there that focus on weight loss and basic nutrition, Reliv dives down to the core cellular health. What is it at your cellular level that you need to ensure human health. What allows us to survive and thrive in today’s high demand, high stress world?

It’s not just one vitamin or mineral but a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. The human body is a complex system and is needs a complex nutrition that is simple to take and easy to share.

Then along came the discovery of epigenetics. An amazing scientific find that began to tell us that our DNA is more than what we thought. Epigenetics means, on top of genetics. This is the stuff that gets triggered for disease and health issues. Here is a video to help explain what I mean. After all… I am not the scientist!

So where does the Nutritional Health Care Supplement with a Paycheck come into play?

Everyday I hear more and more life changing stories because of Reliv and LunaRichX. This powerful combination is changing our health care for the better. When people start taking Reliv we begin to see a significant cost saving in health care and an improved quality of life. Don’t believe me?

Here are a few testimonials.

A weight loss of almost 200 pounds because of some simple nutrition and a desire to survive. – Powerful story.

To get moving again! Priceless!

Margie (shared)
Talking to Don Coulter and he was in such bad shape with pain in his lower back, elbo, right shoulder, arm and wrist he could no longer shower or dress himself, he started on the Reliv Now, LunaRich X and Arthaffect and Innergize and in a short time the pain was becoming less and in 3 weeks it was completely gone. He is off oxycotton, , ibeprophinand is so greatful for Reliv

My friend Coreen just posted this. (facebook post shared)
My friend Russ was sharing with me his wife’s results!! She was diagnosed with celiac disease 15 years ago. Her body fell apart due to long term malasbsorption issues. She’s been practically bedridden for a along time with fibromyalgia. Several months ago she got started on Now/Innergize 3xday. She is getting her life back and Russ is getting his wife back!! She’s been horribly ANEMIC for YEARS. Her levels were around 5 and she’s needed iron transfusions. This week she has had her blood checked and her levels are up around 10!!!!!!!!! NO IRON TRANSFUSION NEEDED AND THEY WERE ALL SHOCKED! She has also added in the LunaRich X capsuls……….Such a blessing! Who do you know looking for hope?

Coreen (shared story)
So I got a message from my friend Kelly Given the other day!!!!!
Seven years ago she got phenomenal results with migraines and allergies. But for the last 6 weeks she was having some sciatica issues making it difficult to sleep. She works at the hospital and is REQUIRED to get a flu shot…well the flu shot caused pain radiating down her arm all the way to her fingers…even had numbness well in to the evening. She had just gotten the LunaRich X capsuls… and took one before bed…woke up during the night….and felt no pain….woke up… took another LunaRich X capsul…no pain in the arm and by the afternoon…the sciatica pain went away!! She also said that many other people who had the flu shot experienced pain for days after!! She is so thankful to have added the LunaRich X capsuls to her Reliv products!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***With Reliv we don’t claim to cure, prevent, or treat any illness or disease. But I do know this…

Your body is a Million Dollar miracle and deserves only the best nutrition in the world. Put optimal nutrition into your body and you will have a happy, healthy body.

With this amazing nutrition comes and amazing business opportunity.

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Would an extra source of income help relieve some of the financial burden on your family?

This is where health care supplement with a paycheck comes into play. Check out this video to learn how to get paid with Reliv. Stop trading your time for dollars and start creating your financial free future.

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