Reliv, Lunasin, and Epigenetics

Reliv_Lunasin_AwardThe nutritional world is being transformed right before your eyes. You know that you need to eat right, supplement, and exercise. But Reliv is taking Epigenetics and Lunasin to a place we didn’t even know about.

We have always been told that we can’t change our DNA. That certain family conditions are passed down through the generations and there is no way to change it. You are born into your health.

But what if that was no longer true?

There are certain things we cannot change in your DNA: Eye color, hair color, skin color, height, shoe size, and so forth.

But what if you could change your predisposition to certain health issues? Diseases that you could turn off? What if weight loss was easier? What if you could reduce your cholesterol? What if you could reduce inflammation?

And wouldn’t you be more amazed if you could do all the above with nutrition? Better yet with just a capsule of Lunasin?

Sharing with you some of the stories… No claim to prevent, treat, or cure… but this is amazing and needs to be shared.

Just attended a symposium on Environmental Epigenetics: New Frontiers in Autism Research at the MIND Institute at UC Davis. There is now a growing consensus that the increased incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the past 20 years has a strong epigenetic component. Researches are now being conducted to determine the potential role of exposure to industrial chemicals, perinatal stress and drug use to the development of ASD. The group has identified that nutrition (soy and folate) may have protective effects against adverse health outcomes of perinatal exposure to environmental chemicals that are known endocrine disruptors.

The MIND Institute is one of the premier institutions in the world that studies brain and neurological diseases including autism. The most difficult thing to prove in a neurodevelopmental disease like autism is causality, especially when numerous causal factors are involved. By figuring out the mechanisms of action, experiments and the associated clinical testing can be conducted to definitively prove causality between disease and the genetic and environmental cause. The breadth of research on this field is impressive and it will take the concerted efforts of researchers with divergent expertise (and open minds) to come up with answers to this intractable health problem. — Dr. Galvez

Robin Shelby:
I am prone to cellulitis and have been since having surgery that removed a large section of vein from my left leg 5 years ago. I felt the all too familiar pain in my foot three days ago and the following day that pain had migrated up to my knee. When the fever began I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would be back in the hospital on I.V. antibiotics. BUT…this time the fever never got very high and yesterday not only was the fever gone but also the pain. My leg never swelled. Using two scoops of Now each day and four LunaRichX capsules. Nothing surprises me at this point but I’m loving my reliv!”

Jeannie & Kent, Arizona
We heard about Reliv 10 years ago when I was expecting our third baby. I was tired and worn out. I started on the products. I had a great pregnancy and had incredible energy.
I started our children on the products and our daughter’s blood sugars leveled out with hypoglycemia. One of our sons was excited that his depression had lifted. Our son with Asberger’s Syndrome quit raging. Our daughter with ADD and Dyslexia was able to focus and now she loves to read.
My husband was stubborn and it took him awhile to get started. For 18 years he had suffered with 35 severe migraines a year. His first year on Reliv that number went to 3. All of us quit having the colds, flu’s and respiratory problems.

These are just some of the amazing Reliv stories…

Reliv, Lunasin, Epigenetics

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