Reliv International Conference Kick Off 2013

Reliv InternationalReliv International is rocking it right now!.

But just a quick thought I would like share with you about attending live events for you network marketing company.

How important is it to attend your Network Marketing companies conference? I would have to say this is one of the most important events you can attend. This is where you can connect with your team. build relationships, share stories, and build a stronger foundation with you company.

The expense is a business one and you can talk with your tax guy about doing a business write off.

Honestly attending the live events is going to change your perspective and help you with you business. Make it a mission to collect over 100 stories or network with 100 people in your company. Remember that it is all about relationship and building relationships with the movers and shakers in you company is important.

Be willing to set a goal at conference and then tell your upline and commit to it. See how they can help you and utilize your system for maximum growth.

Reliv is Rocking Conference!

Last night Reliv unveiled two totally amazing, jaw dropping announcements.

  1. Reliv now has exclusive rights to Lunasin. If you don’t know what Lunasin is… go to to find out more.  What make this so important is that Reliv launched LunaRich, and if you want to know more about LunaRich… well just ask in the comment section below. 
  2. Reliv has now been awarded 9 U.S. Food Patents and the latest to join our amazing success is 24K. This is a revolutionary energy drink that is making waves in the media! Nothing like it in the market. Mental Clarity, Stress Relief, and Energy, all rolled into one!

 Reliv LunaRichXCL  Reliv 24K

So that is my quick recap of some of the excitement that is going on with Reliv right now. In today’s video I share with you the importance of attending the live events for you network marketing company.

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