Reliv Impact East Holy Reliv Impact event! Boy did it leave an impact on me.

I have been a Reliv Independent Distributor for 7 years and I promise you that this event held more value to me than any other event.

I love this amazing nutritional epigentics company and I will be with them till the end of my days. Every time I hear the stories and see the Kalogris Foundation at work, I know that I am truly changing lives.

This is a network marketing opportunity and so much more.

So I quickly want to recap what happened at this event and then tell you why you should join my team. (figured I should just be upfront with ya)

Reliv Impact Recap

We kicked off Saturday with an opening from our President Ryan Montgomery. Ryan has the vision and the drive to see Reliv become a billion dollar company. He is so passionate about Reliv and what it means for so many people.

The integrity and leadership of Ryan Montgomery are what presidents of all companies should strive for. I am proud of him and this company.

So how do we as Reliv Distributors help Ryan reach our goal of becoming a billion dollar company?

Find People To Join Reliv

Kimberly Burns did a great job of sharing with us how you find people to join Reliv. But I am going to put my personal twist on this.

Just like having a sign on your car or putting yard signs around town… finding people that want to join you in Reliv isn’t hard.

With the birth of the internet, the ability to research and find multiple companies is at your finger tips. I know that every time I talk to someone about Reliv… they are going online to do their research.

…Well, shouldn’t they find YOU in their research. Shouldn’t they see you talking about Reliv and how to get started? Do you think more people would join you and your team if they saw you online? It almost creates a celebrity status.

So how to you get found online? Well, it begins by learning the basics of Attraction Marketing, so grab your free 10 day bootcamp to learn more about it.

With the power of the internet… you are still just getting leads. Your next step is to show them the Reliv presentation.

The Reliv Presentation

Getting people to see Reliv is your goal. It’s not to try and tell them everything about the company in one fell swoop!

Share stories, get people on the phone, make it about the prospect.

The Reliv presentation is fantastic… It shows them the products and the compensation plan.

All you have to do is ask the question? Where do you see yourself joining Reliv? (always assume they will join)

Of course I was going to pop in this Reliv presentation. I love Don Gibbons and how he presents this amazing company.

Did you know that it’s just $25 bucks to join Reliv as a distributor? One of the easiest way to start building your own business and it begins with a company you can get behind.

The Reliv Business Opportunity

As you have seen in the video above getting into business with Reliv is next to nothing. It’s cheaper than getting involved in a franchise and offers you residual income.

You have two choices when you become a distributor.

Quick Start or Master Affiliate

Quick Start is perfect if you want to start taking Reliv for yourself and share it with someone else. The quick start package is the purchase of the Reliv Super Pack:

  • 4 ea Cans of Reliv Now or Classic
  • 2 ea LunaRichX capsules 120ct
  • 2 Shaker Cups

This is enough product for 4 people to take Reliv for 30 days. At Retail this is valued at $380.00. But with your Quick Start you get 25% off this package, saving you $95 bucks!

Master Affiliate is where I joined Reliv when I got started. I wanted to make the most money for my efforts. Also at this level you qualify for bonuses, trips, and overrides! This really is the best bang for your buck.

What does Master Affiliate look like?

  • 9 ea Super Packs

Reliv keeps it simple to get started and begin sharing this amazing opportunity. As a Master Affiliate you come in at the 40% profit level.

The cost to join as a Master Affiliate once you become a Reliv Distributor is about $2,400. When you sell your 9 Super Packs you will have made your investment back and profited almost $1,200.00.

Most of my distributors that come in at this level move their 9 Super Packs in 2-3 months. Which means you could be pocketing an extra $400-$600 a month by sharing Reliv. How would that change your life?

Click here to get started and join my team.

Be Prepared for Action

Always be prepared to share Reliv.

Reliv has many wonderful presentation tools. From DVD’s to presentation booklets, to sharing a presentation from a mobile device. Reliv has what you need to build your business.

The Reliv Kalgoris Foundation

The heart of what Reliv is begins with the Kalogris Foundation. Founded in 1995 as a non-profit, 501(3) charitable organization in honor of the late Dr. Therodore “Ted” Kalogris.

The foundation provides full support of more than 270 nutritional programs in nine countries and to date, nourishes over 42,000 people internationally and over 260 individuals in the U.S., on a daily bases.

In 2014, 97% of donations went directly to support programs services – well above the 75% criteria established by the American Institute of Philanthropy.

Learn more about the heart of Reliv… The Kalogris Foundation

Follow Up

I will be very candid and tell you the business is in the follow up.

Follow up can be a phone call, email, or inviting them to a meeting. The more you care about people and truly listen. Your business will grow.

One of my favorite ways to follow up is through email… and my best resource for this is Aweber.

For those on my team I also host a weekly live video training though Google called a Hangout. This allows me to answer questions live and share stories with my team. A powerful tool that is completely under used online, in my opinion.

The Nutritional Epigenetic Company

I will be writing a separate blog post on this soon. But here are a few things I can share with you now…

  • Reliv IS the #1 Nutritional Epigenetics Company in the World.
  • Lunasin is an ingredient found in the Reliv products. (click the link)
  • Reliv is going to change the way you look at your family’s health
  • You need to be in the business of Reliv… or you will be kicking yourself later.

Compensation with Reliv

Reliv wants to spoil you rotten for building your Reliv business. There is no limit to what you can achieve with this business.

With that being said, I know people that have never made a dime in this company. Your efforts are what gets you results. The best company in the world is not going to build YOUR business for you. Be prepared to invest in yourself, in courses, and in marketing.

Whether you want to build this business part time or full time, I can show you how to do it without harassing your family and friends.

Learn how you can join my team in Reliv … not everyone gets accepted. I am very picky on who I want on my team. Let’s see if your dreams qualify you to be part of my growing team. Join Katrina in Reliv – Tell me more

If you got value from this post… please feel free to share.

If you have questions about Reliv please comment below. I will answer any questions you have.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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