Proper Etiquette for Social Media

Ever read a blog and it just rubs you the wrong way and you feel the urge to write a comment that isn’t so nice?

What is proper etiquette for social media? Take a look at our commercials on T.V. right now. How do you feel when you see slander campaigns on TV? All I can think about is that our presidential candidates are more focused on slander campaigns than anything else. Ever wonder what would happen if all they ran were my successes campaigns and nothing else? I wonder if that would change views?

So how does this all tie into Social Media? I am glad you asked.

Four Simple Rules to Follow

Rule 1: Don’t pitch your opportunity every chance you get! (Build a relationship, find out their wants and needs)

Rule 2: If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. (My Mom said this all the time growing up… still true  today)

Rule 3: Interact with your friends and group. Ask questions, get them engaged. If they comment, comment back!

Rule 4: Be YOURSELF! Don’t pump yourself up. Be honest with your followers, they will respect you more.

So don’t be the one that everyone bans from their social media pages. Don’t be spammy or needy. Start being a person that shares value and is willing to help others.

Don’t be like this chick and be out of place with your lack of proper etiquette for social media.

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    • Very nice article, short and sweet. I’d love more on this. There are so many fine lines. In my attempt to be inclusive and acknowledge people I admire I might have appeared as an opportunist by tagging them or their pages. Now I’m Leaning towards the other extreme of not tagging, even though I mention them for credit and I am very aware of what it means to other pages my behaviour as a fan… Thanks for your time,

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