network marketingLast night was the launch of my 2nd 60 Day Challenge for all Elite Marketing Pro Affiliates. I have to say that in all my years online, the training that I received last night was priceless.

For those in Network Marketing, we are told that “if they can fog a mirror” they can join you in your business. We have been told a lie, myself included.

Look at all the network marketing companies out there. There are thousands of them. Some of them don’t cross international boarders so I would say hundreds more.

Do you think each of those network marketing companies fills a niche?

Do you think it would be wise to follow their example and create a deeper niche inside your network marketing company?

Priceless Network Marketing Training

Last night I had the privilege of having the Editor and Chief of Elite Marketing Pro Insider, Andrew Draughon host our kick off training.  This is what we covered.

Identifying You Perfect Customer Avatar to Maximize Your Ad Budget, Create Instant Rapport, and Immediately Multiply Your Profitability
In this kick off training,  you’ll learn the power of discovering your perfect customer avatar. This is the single most effective and most overlooked aspect of the average marketer’s business. Identifying your avatar is literally the foundation of all of your advertising — ignore your own peril!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The single biggest mistake newbie marketers make when crafting their avatar
    (Hint: your prospects don’t exist within your mind!)
  • Why “people who drink coffee,” or “people who want to make money,” or “people who need leads” are absolutely NOT your avatar (you’ll quickly go broke with these vacuous, undefined, non-entities)
  • How to completely eliminate your competition so you’re not perceived as a “me-too,” “also-ran” marketer (and rake in all the profits for yourself!)
  • The definitive 12-question avatar discovery formula (you’ll have your perfect avatar in just 2 hours flat!)
  • Avatar secrets of toothless meth-addicts, summer camp counselors, and New Age conspiracy theorists.

This was truly one of the best training I have ever been through. No one really digs into the practical aspect of developing your avatar. Andrew knocked it out of the ballpark.

I just want to share some of the secrets that Andrew revealed and my hope is that it gives you some clarity also.

Developing Your Network Marketing Avatar

I hope that my insight on what we learned from Andrew was helpful. He is amazing and I was amazed when he said yes to hosting the kick off event.

Knowing your avatar really is the foundation and I will share 7 of the 12 questions that Andrew gave this group to help them begin to develop their own avatars.

1. What is your compelling narrative?

2. What’s the demographic that will best relate to your success?

3. What are their major pains and frustrations?

4. How can you get 10x more specific and detailed?

5. How are they looking for the solution to these problems?

6. How can you help these people?

7. Where will you reach them?

Each of these questions requires you to give bullet points… or even better do a brain dump. Write down your compelling story, what was your then vs. now?

As I mentioned in the video, because I am the co-host of this challenge I do have magical powers.

(update 6/2016)

This challenged ended back in 2014 and was absolutely key in transforming my business.

I now give this training away to those that buy Elite Marketing Pro. A complete marketing university for network marketers and affiliate marketers.

The avatar training bonus is part of $90K coaching where we reveal everything from avatar to putting your lead generation business on autopilot.

Plus you also get the Daily Action Produces Profit tracking sheet.

As a network marketer, I know that having a game plan is crucial for success. And I will tell you that having access to these tracking sheets has made all the difference in the world. Once I began tracking my daily profit producing activities, that is when I started to get paid.

I hope you got some great value from this post. If you did please share with your friends on Facebook and Google+.

Have you gone through avatar training? Do you know who you are marketing to? Share your avatar with us in the comments below.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden







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