JingSo have you heard of Jing? If you haven’t then you are in for a treat in today’s blog post.

A few years back I was introduced to this free download and have been using it every day ever since.

Once I show you all the really cool things you can do with Jing you are going to want to download this in seconds.

Have you ever wondered how people do screen captures? Or record a video of their screen?

I am smiling because I am about to show you the power of Jing and using it to build your business.

Using Jing

So what can you do with Jing? Great question.

You can use it to capture images off the internet. Be careful when you do this. Some images are paid and some could be trademarked. So do this at your own risk.

You can do video screen sharing. I use this a lot for tech support. But I have also created some great training for my network marketing team using Jing.

So in this video I show you all the cool things that you can do with Jing. I think you will be amazed on how easy it is to use.

Benefits of Jing

As you can see, Jing is super easy to use once you have it installed on your computer. Grabbing an image and editing is very beneficial.

But I have to say my favorite thing to do with Jing it is the Video screen share.

I can’t tell you how many times I been able to diagnose a blogging issue because my students use Jing. Having them do a quick video capture describing what is wrong helps me fix the issue and get them moving forward with their blog.

I have also used Jing to do training for my network marketing team. I have created quick videos showing them how to sign up a new distributor. Where they can find more resources and so much more.

This easy to use download has really helped me hone and fine tune my business online. After all I am all about Show & Tell training.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    9 replies to "The Power of Jing"

    • John English

      Hi Katrina, GREAT blog and video which contained some fantastic information and tips on Jing. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Katrina

        Hey John! Always a please to share what works and some cool tools for making the internet fun!

    • Ruthanne

      Thanks so much Katrina for the explanation of how to use Jing. It’s a great tool.

    • Siphosith

      I like Jing , it is a very powerful tool that I use on many occasions in my online business. Thank you for sharing and explaining its use so well.

      • Katrina

        Hi Siphosith! Thank you for commenting on this post about Jing! Excited to hear that you are using it in your online business. Much success to you! πŸ™‚

    • Doug

      Hi Katrina, Thanks for the great tip on an interesting tool. I think I will give it a try next month when I have finished this 31 day blog challenge. Blog on . . .

      • Katrina

        Hi Doug! Welcome to my blog! Glad you found this training useful. This is one of my favorite tools to use online. Looking forward to having you back to visit and comment.

    • Hilary DeFreitas

      OMG!!!! I did not know you can do ALL of that with JING. I’ve had it for so long and never used that video capture and screen cast! Boy have I been wasting time.
      Thanks Chef Katrina! Learning something new everyday!

      • Katrina

        Hilary… it is a fun little tool to play with. And I use it all the time for diagnosing issues and problems with blogs. πŸ™‚

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