If you thought video was only making waves on YouTube and Facebook… you haven’t been paying attention to Pinterest.

Welcome to the new Pinterest Video Marketing and all the excitement.

Let me share with you some really cool things that are happening on Pinterest, that if you are using video marketing you might be kicking yourself for not being on Pinterest sooner.

Seriously, Pinterest Video Marketing adds about 2+ years to your video marketing strategy. Plus if you do promoted pins with video you will be shocked at the reach, engagement, and even the leads.

Ready to dive in and see what Pinterest Video Marketing is all about?

I thought so. LOL ?

Pinterest Video Marketing ?

So the best place to learn about how Pinterest Video Marketing works is to start here. ?

Having a video for Pinterest is NOT the same as YouTube or Facebook.

For Facebook, video is more social, it’s about engagement and connecting with your audience. With the new rules for Facebook, they are looking for at least a minute of engagement with your audience and the video to be at least three minutes long.

YouTube is about information and entertainment. The videos tend to be longer and the best ones tend to be how to. ? Though I won’t lie, I’ve watched sitcoms and other shows on YouTube also.

As for Pinterest, it’s a buying platform. The video that does the best is teaser videos or short commercials. You want to create curiosity with enough information to grab Pinner’s attention.

One of the free tools that I have been using is Wave.Video. It easy to use for creating short videos and the best part… YOU DON’T have to be in them!

For the last 30 days, my friend Tracy and I have been doing a “Snackable Video” training, teaching our students how to use Wave to create videos that generate leads and sales for a business.

Snackable videos are short and easy to consume. Giving you the advantage of learning how to capture your customer’s attention and get them to take the desired action you want them to take. Go to your website. See your products. Learn more. Make Sales.

With Pinterest there are a few things you need to know about making your videos.

Pinterest Video Secrets!

The number one question I get asked is what video size does best on Pinterest? This is a great question with a few answers.

  1. If you are using Video Marketing on YouTube, you MUST be sharing your videos to Pinterest. Create your board(s) and start sharing. YouTube videos play natively on the Pinterest platform.
  2. There is a blog post I did that details out all you need to know about Pinterest Image Sizes for video. Giving you all the juicy details.
  3. A simple cheat… a lot of the images sizes that are used on Instagram work on the Pinterest platform also. ?
  4. You can also upload MP4 format to your Pinterest account. Note that only business accounts allow for raw video upload. Pinterest requests that you put your best foot forward with your videos. ? (This is less about selfies and more about how can you create a better experience for your customer.)

For all of you that have been following me wanting to know when you can add video marketing on Pinterest to your marketing… now is the time!

Pinterest Promoted Video’s – Ads

Can you run traffic to Pinterest videos?

The answer is yes! There are two types of promoted videos that you can now run ads for.

  1. Video awareness – promote your videos to create brand awareness for a new company or product.
  2. Video Traffic – now you can run traffic to your promoted Video pins. With the addition of conversions to track, this is a powerful way to build your business.

If you want to know if you can create a custom audience for your promoted pins and videos the answer is YES! I have the only Pinterest marketing course that dives into Pinterest Marketing and how to run and evaluate ads for any business.

In my Pinning Ingredients course, I walk you through the process of creating Video Pins that convert for clicks, leads, and sales.

  • The 4 Ingredients every Pin Needs to Have
  • How to Find Your Ideal Customer
  • How to use video in your story pins

Not only will you learn how to create the top three types of pins for Pinterest, I also show you how to set up your Pinterest Business account and do your indepth keyword search.

I’m bent on having more small business owners and entrepreneurs leverage Pinterest for more traffic, leads, sales, and customer retention.

Get access to Pinning Ingredients today!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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