Pinterest Promoted PinsThe power of Pinterest promoted pins is mind blowing.

If you are in business, having a Pinterest Business account is a must.

First thing about Pinterest that you should know…

Pinterest is NOT a social media site. It plays by a different set of rules.

Break those rules and you will have your account shut down. (I should know, cause it has already happened to me, and I got my account back!)

So today, I want to talk to you about the power of Pinterest Promoted Pins and how they work.

Pinterest Promoted Pins

First off, promoted pins on Pinterest show up as Native Advertising. Meaning that most pinners don’t even know that they are re-pinning a promoted pin. The ad just shows up as a natural part of the newsfeed. Making a promoted pin worth its weight in gold.

Currently, there are 3 types of promoted pins that you can run on Pinterest.

  1. Awareness
  2. Engagement
  3. Traffic

Please note: You must have a U.S, Canada, or UK – based account to use promoted pins.

Awareness Promoted Pin

Bring awareness to your brand. Pinners are people actively trying to discover and save ideas. They are looking to be inspired. They need and want your brand to help bring their ideas to life.

You are reserving premium inventory on Pinterest. Meaning you get priority placement and help boost your brand awareness. As a marketer, I am still brainstorming the best use of this type of promoted pin for business owners.

There have been a lot of case studies around makeup and fashion… but what about personal branding? As I test this new campaign, I will keep you posted.

Engagement Promoted Pin

I have been successfully running an engagement promoted pin for about 3 months now. My conversion is just over 3.0%. Which is decent, and I would like to see it improve.

The propose of this pin? Capture intent and boost engagement. Think of this like a promoted page campaign on Facebook. You are looking to build your audience.

When someone engages with one of your Pins, they’re sending out a strong signal of intent. That’s because people save and click Pins they’re considering for their future projects and plans. Promoted Pins see engagement rates of 2-5%, higher than the industry average.

Create an engagement campaign to reach people while they’re figuring out what to do next. You pay for each engagement (a closeup, repin, or click) on your Pin.

Traffic Promoted Pin

One of my favorite pins because this is where the buying takes place. This is the ability to run traffic directly to your website.

When people are ready to take action and bring their ideas to life, they are going to go back through their pins and start the buying process. According to Pinterest, advertisers that use Pinterest Ad Manager received on average 20% more (free) clicks* in the month after the start of their Promoted Pins Campaign.

For Pinners, this is where inspiration meets action. They are looking to buy and you better be ready to provide. 🙂

“A Promoted Pin, unlike most other ad formats, continues to drive sales even after the initial promotional campaign has ended,” Kassan said. “This extended lifespan is really unique on Pinterest. On other platforms, once a campaign ends, your ads disappear until you restart them again.” MVMT

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Business Building with Pinterest

Honestly, I can see the potential for almost any business to harness the power of Promoted Pin on Pinterest to build their business.

Though understanding the person and reason people use Pinterest, is really the biggest secret of Pinterest.

Those that use Pinterest are planners and those looking to be inspired. They are the seekers of the next big thing and planners of major life events.

Pinterest has evolved because of the 100 Million users that are on Pinterest every month. The last known number of registered users in Jan. 2015 was 176 Million.

From an affiliate and network marketing perspective, I think that 97% of those that use this site as a marketer, are not paying attention to the uniqueness of this platform.

That is why I am one of the few that have been able to use this platform as an affiliate marketer and make over $9,100 in just 60 days with less than a $500 ad spend. It’s all about understanding this platform and how to get in front of your audience in a totally different way.

It’s one of the reason’s I am launching my Pinterest Ingredients for Business. In it I’m going to reveal the secrets of this platform and how to turn your ads into profit.

If you have been throwing money away on Facebook Ad, Twitter Ad, or Google Ads… you are going to be blown away by what you learn inside this training.

Pinterest Ingredients Testimonial

I’m excited to share this training with you. So if you are ready to learn about a fun and business altering Pinterest… Stay plugged into my blog post.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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Committed to Helping Entrepreneurs Find Success

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    • Alexander.A

      Great post as usual Katrina!
      I love Pinterest in general, both from a personal perspective but also very much so from a business perspective. It can be an immense source of traffic and you don’t need a lot of followers for that to work. People are on Pinterest to consume and save content, making it a perfect platform for distribution.

      The audience there is also really interesting, since they are among the closest to buying of all social networks.

      Promoted pins just make it all better by helping you reach even further to an audience that is ready to buy if you have the right product.

      Best wishes


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