Are you just getting started with your Pinterest Business?

Have a business account but never did anything with it?

Well, it is time to brush off your Pinterest account and breathe some life back into it! This is the time to be pinning and sharing!

image with text that says Pinterest Business Basics, optimize your business profile to be found.

If your Pinterest business account has been collecting dust over the last few months, now might be the perfect time to go back in and have another look at Pinterest.

Since Pinterest went public earlier this year, there have been a lot of improvements and updates to the business account. Making them easier to use, relevant for today’s pinners, and ideal for selling products and services.

Today I want to chat with you a little about your business profile. Did you know this is the first thing people see as part of your brand on Pinterest?

Because of how unique the search engine is, your profile can help you get extra ranking for your boards and your pins. So setting up your profile is key to being found.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of your profile to pay attention to shall we?

Profile Image and Name

Like any profile you fill out for your social media and search marketing, the purpose is to be consistent.

On your Pinterest business account, your photo should be the same image or logo that you use on your other platforms. You want to create brand consistency.

Your display name can serve a few purposes.

  1. Company Name or Brand
  2. SEO for Keywords for how you want to get found on Pinterest.
  3. Can be 3-30 characters long and can’t have spaces, symbols, or punctuation
Image of a Pinterest Business Profile that needs to be filled out.

If you are a clothing company… you want your business name. For those of us that are solo entrepreneurs that are doing self-branding, beware.

Yes, your display name is a good place to add a few extra keywords to be found and

  • don’t add a network marketing company to your display name

Focus on being found for your personal brand of who you want to be 5 -10 years from now. Example… Tony Robbins is more than someone that writes books.

About You Section” description. You have 160 characters, so make each character count and use your keywords here. You might even add your network marketing company. ?

No matter what, use your location, especially for those of you that have a local business and you want to be found on Pinterest.

The Business of Pinterest Pins

Pins are how you get found on Pinterest. From the image to the text, everything matters when you craft a pin for the Pinterest platform.

This is where I lose about 50% of entrepreneurs and business owners. They see this part as hard and time-consuming. Why create a different image just for Pinterest? Isn’t that a waste of my time?

Sure… total waste of your time if you don’t want to be in front of buyers. If you don’t want to be found on the third-largest search platform, respectively behind Google and YouTube. If you would rather do mindless posting to social media…

Or you can get intentional with your marketing to produce results that yield more leads and customers. Completely up to you.

Cause honestly… these are all the highlights of Pinterest Business Pins that get results… This is what a Rich Pin looks like and optimized for search.

Image of a Pinterest pin that highlights the 5 key elements of a pin and a rich pin for SEO.

Pinterest is an intuitive platform that reads not only the description but the text overlay and the image itself. So crafting your pin is about simplicity.

You can learn more about how to design pins for Promoted ads inside my course Promoted Pin Recipe

Promoted Pin Recipes dives into all the ingredients you need for creating a successful ad campaign on Pinterest.

The Pinterest Connection for Business

There is one other Pinterest Business basic and that is claiming your website and your other social media accounts. Remember, Pinterest is a search platform and you want your best images on Pinterest.

If you are creating content or products on other platforms, share them with your Pinterest business account to get more reach over a longer period of time. Claim your brand! Connect your other content with Pinterest.

When you claim your website, you will have a few steps to follow to get verified. It’s simple to do or you can have your website developer or tech take care of it for you.

Even before your site is verified, claim your other social media channels. This is a simple and easy way to repurpose your content. If you are creating it… share it with the platforms that will get you more reach. Hello Pinterest!

To wrap it up

Pinterest is a visual search engine that is about visual innovation. From pin to video pins, Pinterest provides your business the opportunity to be found by pinners that are wanting to find new products and services to buy.

Are they finding your business?

Did you get value from today’s blog post? Please share on Pinterest and your favorite social media platform. ???

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

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