Which is better? Pinterest or Facebook for advertising your business?

Now I know everyone is gung-ho about Facebook. It’s all I hear about from all my top Internet marketing friends.

Facebook is excellent for marketing and with over a decade of A.I. technology, data collection, cookie tracking, and becoming the top data collector of all human interactions, Its ability to predict human futures is improving every day. This is also one of the reasons that many people are leaving Facebook or even becoming numb to all the constant and ongoing advertising.

While I’m not a huge fan of personal time on Facebook, I do see it as an amazing digital marketing exposure platform for businessess.

And to be honest… how many of us jump out of bed and say, “I’m going to go shop on Facebook today!”

Which points to a glaring point about FB… it’s not a shopping site and it’s roots are in social engagement.

With that said did you know that…

  • Average order value on Pinterest: $179.36
  • Average order value on Facebook: $80.22
  • Average order value on Twitter: $68.78

Source: Gigaom

On average people are buying and spending more money on Pinterest than any other platform. Almost twice as much as Facebook.

“Pinterest is currently responsible for 41% of e-commerce traffic and drives more than twice as much as Facebook.” -Inc

[Tweet “Pinterest is currently responsible for 41% of e-commerce traffic and drives more than twice as much as Facebook. -Inc”]

Facebook Advertising 2021

A lot has changed this year with Facebook. Between the data scandal and the algorithm update, I hear more and more people talk about leaving Facebook. And let’s be real. Facebook is Facebook, if you use it as a tool to keep track of friends and family it currently has no equal.

So I don’t think people are going to jump ship. They just might be less active.

Heck, I was sitting in the movie theatre the other day and saw an AD for Facebook. NEVER have I seen one of those before. And it’s purpose was to restore trust. To make sure it focuses on putting people first.

Thank you Facebook! (We will see if that actually happens)

As far as a marketing platform for businesses, I will admit, it keeps getting better and better. I am curious to see what happens around the local business marketing with Facebook in the next few months. I see something shifting there from all my work with local business owners.

But at the root of it all… the cost of adversting on Facebook keeps going up and the regulation and restrictions are improving. The wild, wild west of marketing is getting regulated…

…and ultimately for all of us in the business of marketing online, this is a good thing. I expect 2021 to be a year of group focus on Facebook, supported by the use of stories.

Plus business pages are turning into more of a shopping page and this writing is on the wall… if you are not selling your own products or services you will be paying more for affiliate ads and most likely get the boot if you even whisper the work network marketing.

But for local… I’m still curious. The cost per click still seems pretty low. So it will be interesting to see what Facebook does to help improve local marketing for small business owners.

Pinterest Advertising 2021

Advertising on Pinterest will become the most sought after medium in 2021. I’m pretty confident when I say that because Search marketing has outperformed social marketing every single year.

Pinterest is the 3rd Largest Search Platform on the Internet. It is right behind Google and YouTube. When people are looking for information about a product or service.. they search.

What makes Pinterest stand out is that it is both a search platform, meaning SEO and Keyword strategies are a must, and a visual marketing platform.

Over 90% of the information we consume around us is visual.

Truly making Pinterest the place to be to build your visual brand awareness and get in front of your prospect while they are in the middle of their buying process, if not at the start of their buying process.

Pinterest Ad Campaigns

It pays to be positive. Where your brand shows up matters more than ever.

Over 97% of the top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. Meaning that you can reach your audience early before they have made up their minds. (source: Pinterest Business)

To create your ads on Pinterest you first need to create a Pinterest Business Account. With your business account, you can track analytics, build custom audiences, verify your website, run traffic ads, run awareness ads, and run conversion ad campaigns.

The best strategy for Pinterest is both Organic and Paid. Turn organic pins into ads so that they are seen more more people. Knowing your SEO & Keyword strategy is key to winning the business on Pinterest.

The three Pinterest Ad Campaigns that you can create on Pinterest are…

Awareness Campaign:

Awareness campaigns help pinners discover your brand, products, and other services. It is one of the fastest ways to get exposure on Pinterest especially if you have a time sensitive offer.

The two types of awareness campaigns are

  • Brand Awareness
  • Video Views

I would consider this strategy the top of the funnel campaign. Get eyes to your products or services. If you’ve not been on this platform or a new business, leveraging this Visual awareness is very powerful.

More and more customers are looking for unique ideas and things that inspire them. Turning away from known brands and looking to support small business owners.

Traffic Campaign

Pinterest traffic campaigns are the place to start. Traffic campaigns drive consideration and increase traffic to your destination on or off the Pinterest platform.

You actually have to run a traffic campaign before you can do a conversion campaign on Pinterest. You will need to have your site verified and your pixels in place on your site.

Keyword traffic is the preferred method for running traffic although you can do an interest campaign if you are going after a specific category that you think your product or service will serve.

Conversion Campaign

Conversion campaigns on Pinterest are incredible. When working with my clients I love that we can really track and measure ROAS.

With Pinterest, every Pin has to have a destination. Where are you taking them, customer, when they click on your pin? Knowing that is key.

Plus with Pinterest you can take your customers straight to the offer page, sales page, and of course your site if you choose for blog content.

Dive Deeper into Pinterest Advertising

Most small business owners struggle with the how of Pinterest. How do I leverage Pinterest to grow my business? How does a Pin Works? How does an Ad Campaign work? What and I looking for in the metrics?

These questions are answered inside of my Promoted Pin Recipe. Over the last few years I’ve been working with small business owners and corporate businesses on how to build out a Pinterest Marketing Strategy that works for them.

Each business is unique and understanding how Promoted Pins work is one area that I excel in.

I’ve put together all my insider training and resources into my Promoted Pin Recipe course. I reveal my proven secret recipe for how to get more leads, sales, and track ROAS.

Now is the time to get your business on Pinterest. Don’t let another year pass you by.

Here is what Amanda Meeks had to say about my course ‘Promoted Pinn Recipe‘.


Because Pinterest is all about being inspired, Forbes stated that ‘80% of pinners buy within 3 weeks of pinning [something they like or want].

[Tweet “Forbes stated that 80% of pinners buy within 3 weeks of pinning [something they like or want]”]

This truly is one of the most unique and profitable Visual SEO platforms to be doing business on.

Success on Pinterest

Everyday Pinterest continues to improve and proves itself to me again and again by getting me better quality leads and making high sales.

What I love about Pinterest is the ease with which to promote a pin. How simple it is now to use your website, get it verified, and getting promoting with Pinterest.

Afterall marketing shouldn’t be boring. It should be fun and profitable. 🙂

Join me today and discover the joy and traffic of using Pinterest to build your business. I think you will like this new way of approaching advertising. It got my creative juices flowing!

Access my awesome Pinterest Course! 

Stay tuned for future blog posts as we dive into more marketing, more business, and more fun. I might even talk about food if you are lucky! LOL

Yours in Gratitude,

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