Oh, boy does Pinterest 2020 look pretty darn exciting!

There were a lot of improvements to the Pinterest platform in 2019. More focus, more awareness, and improving the user experience.

Honestly, I loved what Pinterest updated and evolved for both the users of their platform and the marketers advertising on their platform.

It was the perfect blend of creating a seamless user experience and demanding that advertisers up their game on what they are promoting.

Today I’m going to walk through both the user updates and advertisement improvements. Plus give you a sneak peek into what’s in store for Pinterest 2020.

Pinterest User Experience

If there aren’t any users of a platform, it’s dead in the water. Over the years Pinterest has been perceived as many things

  • Being a women-only platform
  • Just a place for recipes and clothing
  • Not sure quite what Pinterest is????
  • Grabbing Quotes and Memes
  • DIY Craft for Kids
  • Teachers best resource for school ideas/decorations

Today Pinterest boasts that they are the place to find inspiration.

Pinners come here to find new brands, projects, and the things that are important to them.

One of the digital trends for Pinterest consumers is the use of Pinterest Lens. Allowing customers to shop looks, browse catalogs, and shop items they are seeing while out and about.

All they have to do is click on their Pinterest app, click the camera in the search bar and take a picture!

Since the launch of the beta version, Pinterest’s Lens now recognizes 2.5 billion home and fashion objects, has inspired over 600 million searches on Pinterest’s mobile apps and browsers extensions and has seen a 140% uptick from launch day. (source: SingleGrain)

The feature continues to improve in functionality. I have a fashion blogging friend that loves the “Shop the Look” feature that Pinterest rolled out with so that fashion bloggers like my friend have a way for their fans to buy the outfit they are showing off.

Visual search is will continue to be a big part of Pinterest and that is what customers are looking for. After all 90% of the information we take in is visual. It makes sense that we search the same way.

Which leads me to Pinterest for Online Marketers.

Pinterest for Business

Now we step into the world of Pinterest for Business. Since it’s IPO launch back in April of 2019, Pinterest has been focused on improving the features of its ads manager.

We’ve seen the addition of the carousel feature. Allowing you to show 2-5 images in the same pin. Giving you an unfair advantage of showcasing multiple items and only be charged in a promoted pin as a single impression.

We’ve seen the addition of the product catalog. With the added Ads Manager featuring Catalog Sales, as an objective.

And even the Ad Manager got an overhaul last year. Making it easier to move between campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keyword targeting.

We also got the feature in April to access our ad manager from a mobile device! YAY! I’ll admit, I was waiting for this one.

New video objectives were added allowing us to bid on more than just impressions. Now we could go after views, which allows for retargeting.

As you can tell, lots of updates to improve our tracking with Promoted Pin campaigns.

But now it’s time to come to my predictions for Promoted Pin in 2020 and what to be on the lookout for.

Pinterest 2020 Predictions for Online Marketing

Already I can point to some points of interest for those looking to use Pinterest for their advertising in 2020.

Towards the end of 2019 Pinterest began to give higher ranking and placement for videos and video pins.

When you do your search on Pinterest you will notice that top videos show up in the coveted top left spot of the newsfeed. Indicating that Pinterest knows that videos are one of the main ways buyers interact with brands and businesses.

  • Video Pins

So show off your videos for your brand. Keep them under 30 seconds. Think of them as mini commercials or even teaser content. The purpose of video depending on your marketing strategy is either views or clicks.

Learning and designing video pins is going to make a huge difference in both your organic and ads with Pinterest.

One of my favorite tools for creating simple eye-catching video pins is Wave.Video. You can grab your free for life membership with that link.

  • Story Pins

Story pins… my passions and the biggest secret on Pinterest. Currently available to only select iOS users and what appears to be my UK students, this is a game-changer for Pinterest.

While on other platforms stories on last about 24 hours… Story Pins actually allow you to tell a story. From cover image to pins and video pins… and they are timeless. They don’t disappear. ??

Story pins allow you to create the hero journey for those that are marketers looking to stand out. I can see so many options with story pins, from funnels to life journeys.

I’ve already begun teaching story pins to my students. I have them crafting their stories with pins and video pins. So that when this feature rolls out to all business accounts, they are ready to rock!

This is a technique that I’ll be teaching exclusively in my Sweet Pinterest Escape Mastermind. A 3-Day event where you will work with my team and me on crafting not only your pins and video pins but promoted pins campaigns also. Truly giving you an unfair advantage over your competition.

Overall I see Pinterest Promoted Pins still being a very low-cost way to advertising in 2020 and give your business or brand marketing longevity.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina