I’ve purchased a lot of Pinterest courses over the years and they all talk about Pin Parties as a great way to grow engagement and brands.

But as I dive deeper into the training… no one shows you how to build a Pin Party on Pinterest or even how to use it for business growth.

So I began the journey of testing and inviting network marketers to a pin party that I host every week to figure out and improve the power of group boards, community, and the Pin Party.

I’ve come up with a proven formula that t I’m revealing to you today. Ready to dive in?

*Please note that these types of pin parties can be used for any business and what I share below is what I have created and continue to test to improve.

Purpose of Pin Parties

The first place to start is to think about what you want to collaborate with others on. What communities do you want to build or be part of?

Most Pin Parties on Pinterest are about promoting a certain product or pin and Pinterest frowns upon that. Pinners shouldn’t be forced to pin a certain pin or product.

Knowing this guideline is in place I began to wonder about the communities I wanted to build with Pinterest.

The first one that came to mind was the Network Marketing Industry.

  • So your communities should be broad topics of interest.

The first board I created was a Network Marketing Training board. I wanted to invite network marketers to share their best training and resources that they have found to help them build and grow their business.

From there I thought… “Well Pinterest is about the buyers… and I know there are a lot of network marketing and direct sales companies in the world and I have no idea what they sell.”

So I created a board that allows network marketers and direct sales a place to share their company products. Truthfully I just wanted to see what else is out there for all of us in the network marketing industry.

Now that I have these two boards… I want to have some rules. How do I want pinners to engage with my Pin Parties that I am hosting? And I had to ask myself this question…

“What do I want to create as a legacy with both these boards? What would create community, trust, and support the network marketing industry as a whole?”

Rules for Pin Party

The rules for Pin Parties should focus on the desired outcome for the entire community. Rules that protect, support, and encourage engagement for the purpose of benefiting everyone that participates.

Here are the types of rules I’ve created and continue to refine with my Pin Party for Network Marketers.

  1. Stay on topic and be relevant to the board and community
  2. Pin one –> RePin other pinners. The purpose is that if you are going to self promote, also be open to promoting others. After all, Pinterest is about sharing information… not just bragging about yourself and your company. (you can do that on Facebook or Instagram)
  3. Communicate – Pinterest added an activities thread to all collaboration/group boards, allowing for a conversation that forwards what’s being pinned in the group boards.
  4. Interact with Repins – Click the heart icon on each pin if you have repinned a pin from a pin party board.

Watch this quick video about how to use, track, and engage with boards that are created for Pin Parties. 🙂


Now you see how powerful Pin Parties can be. While I first started using them for Network Marketers, I can see how to use them for other business.

If you are stumped and don’t know how to get a pin party going for your business, comment below that you would like some help.

Join my two #PinParty boards to get started! To get access request to join the two boards that I share below.

The rules are simple, if you are pinning a pin to the board, you must repin a pin from the board. Get to know each pinner in the group by participating in the activity thread in the group board. ❤?

I’m kinda hell bent on Network Marketers learning the right way to pin on Pinterest. I’ve seen too many f-ck it up and I’m out to change this.

Results from Pin Parties

Overall. my students have reported an increase in views for their Pinterest business page. Meaning they go from about 300 views to over 6,000 views in just three days of using Pin Parties.

My students also report the ease of bringing in new customers to their network marketing business. Plus overall recruiting using the Pinterest platform.

Which again points to the fact that Pinterest is a buyers platform? Your customers are here… are they finding you?

To learn more about Pinning Ingredients and how you can join my Pin Parties plus the secrets for creating your own just go to my free Pinterest Training and see what Pinterest can do for your business.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Learn how to join and create Pin Parties as a way to grow your business and increase brand exposure. Let your Pin Parties do all the hard work.Chef Katrina

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