Online Marketing: How to Stay on Top of Social Media

online marketingHow do you stay on top of social media?

You don’t. Honestly it’s almost impossible to stay on top of social media. Everyday there is a change to some social media platform.

Did you know that there are over 200 social media platforms that you can build your business on. Seriously!!!

I know for damn sure I can’t stay up on all of it and it would be impossible for someone new to social media. The shear overwhelming thought of building on all of these sites, has me wanting to shut off my computer and hide in a corner.

So how do I control the feeling of being overwhelmed?

I take it one social media platform at a time. I don’t try to do it all, I just do what works for me. There are a few sites I like to play on, they are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pintrest. I know of a few more sites and yes I made sure to set up accounts to grab my brand name but I don’t use them often.

I began on Facebook and to this day I still get the most traffic and leads from it. Next I love YouTube but this one is just a recent addition. I invested in a coach to learn how to build my YouTube Channel.

One of the most interesting things I learned about YouTube is that it’s just like having a blog. Lots of similarities between the two. So if you decided to build a blog then YouTube may actually be a really good place for you to build your business also.

Don’t let social media overwhelm you. Tame it by taking small bites and learning what works. Invest in a couple of courses, learn from leaders that are having success and just roll with it.

Getting started is half the battle and I share some insight with you in this video.

So go ahead… Share what is frustrating you about social media. I am curious.

IF you got some value out of this post, share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest. Really appreciate it! 🙂

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    6 replies to "Online Marketing: How to Stay on Top of Social Media"

    • KG

      I can’t get anything out of Facebook.
      I’ve been doing better with Google Plus Communities.
      I have over 1200 followers on FB and only 10 people see a post. That’s insane! And it’s really frustrating.
      I am delving into Youtube now.


      • Katrina

        What I discovered with Facebook KG is that you have to post daily. I have been using Hootsuite to increase my engagement and posting. This way I can schedule my posts and don’t feel tied to FB. What I love about FB is the advertising. Once I got my hands on the secret recipe, I realized what a gold mine FB is for leads. I have been working with YouTube for a while. Love the SEO and the exposure! Let me know if you have any questions about YouTube.

    • Yes! I could not agree more. You don’t need to be on every platform, especially if that means that you are interacting poorly. Adding one site at a time and getting really familiar with it before you add another is a really great way to be more effective getting your message out and keeping your sanity.

      • Katrina

        I work with my clients every day. They think they have to be everywhere and by trying to do that they are hurting their business. So I think it’s best to learn one and move forward from there. Thank you so much from commenting Stephanie! What are your favorite social sites?

    • Bethany Dickey

      Growing up as social media is growing has been really interesting – I never think of it as something I have to do. It’s just something I’ve had since I was 12 or 13, and it’s so natural! It still does get overwhelming when I try to decide what new accounts to make, but currently I have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and probably more that I’m forgetting!

      • Katrina

        Growing up social does make it really natural. But with some many just stepping into this world it can be a bit overwhelming. Love your comment.

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