Online Marketing: Google+ Lead Generation Boost

google+ lead generationCan I share a secret about Google+ Lead Generation with you?

I didn’t think you would complain too much about how to turn on the Google+ faucet and let the leads flow into your business.

Most of us are so focused on Facebook and Pintrest that you could be missing out on business leads that you don’t get anywhere else.

Since I have started using Google+ my traffic to my site has increased and I am getting better leads for my business opportunity.

It has been my experience so far that Google+ is more business oriented and the leads are of better quality.

Would you like to know my secret with Google+ lead generation boost?

Google+ Lead Generation Boost

One of the biggest secrets to Google+ is creating your profile. If you are on other social sites make sure you are using the same picture and bio. You want to be congruent with your information. Don’t change what you do from one social platform to another. You will only confuse people.

After you get your profile filled out start posting!

But the real tip and the biggest secret are inside the video. This video shares some of my biggest secrets and how you can use these same techniques to build your business.

It really is a simple strategy but I do warn you. Don’t go in guns blazing and try to push your opportunity right away.

Get a feel for the community. Engage with others. Build relationships.

Everyone is so eager to promote their business or product or service.

But the real magic comes in the relationship. Give a damn about someone other than yourself.

I truly hope you got some value out of this post and video. If you did please share on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Are you using Google+ to build your business? What method are you using?

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    6 replies to "Online Marketing: Google+ Lead Generation Boost"

    • Wow. This is a timely post. I just posted on my Google+ that I was going to attempt to utilize Google+ to the fullest. 🙂
      Great post. Thank you for sharing.
      Visiting from UBC on FB

      • Katrina

        Doesn’t the saying go… when the student is ready the teacher will appear? LOL! Glad you found this informative. Have fun and I will see you around Google+.

    • Missy Bell

      Katrina, This is fantastic! I never took the time to learn enough about it but I will definitely be working on this and going through some of the communities.

      Thank you so much for sharing!!
      Missy Bell

      • Katrina

        My pleasure. I am glad you found this useful. Have an amazing day and keep sharing!

    • Jean Smith

      This was really great and useful information. I seems that there is sooooo much info out there and it can be a real challenge to know what will work for who and what. I have a G1 acct. but have never even looked at it… now I’m going to!
      Thanks again!
      Saw you at UBC!

      • Katrina

        I always recommend one small bite at a time. Focus on what works for you. Just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to be. I have found that social media is great but very overwhelming. So when you focus on one strategy and get good at it, you can add the next. 🙂
        Have fun on Google+ and let me know if you have any questions!

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