Online Marketing: Fear of Social Media

fear of social mediaDo you have a fear of social media?

After spending 3 days with a group of amazing home based travel agents I learned a lot. What shocked me the most was when I heard another speaker state that 53% of home based travel agents DON’T use social media.

Of course this prompted me to ask the simple question, why?

Most of the comments I got back were not understanding social media and the lack of privacy.

So, here is what you need to know about your fear of social media…

Overcoming Your Fear of Social Media

The best way to over come your fear of social media is to understand that YOU are in control of your social media. No one is going to post for you, unless you let them. All your personal information is yours to keep private. You don’t have to reveal all.

When building your business, social media should be used as a business tool. All social media is, is a tool to drive traffic and inform people. Posting with a purpose is a must. Your job with social media is not to just post about what you ate, how your dog looks, and what mood you are in.

Social media is about purpose. Blogging is your online real estate and social media is your means of advertising. And because it is social media, it is free! All you have to focus on is building the relationship.


Let people know that you are here to solve their problem. You are here to answer questions. You are here to provide a service.

Once you establish that, people will recommend you. They will share your content and anything that you post. They have faith in you. Don’t destroy that faith.

Yes, learning social media can be scary but it doesn’t have to be. Just focus on one social media site and stick with it till you understand it and start getting leads or whatever your purpose is.

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Share your comments on what is holding you back and what you would like to do to build your business with social media. Would love to know.

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