Why Reliv International is the #1 Rated MLM in the Nutritional Industry

Now I may be a bit bias about Reliv International but in my study of Top MLM’s in the nutritional industry no ones comes close to what Reliv is all about.

Being a Chef I know how important it is to consume foods that benefit you and keep you healthy. Unfortunately we live in a world where our food is manipulated to grow faster and bigger. We are losing the nutritional value that use to be found in our food. Our doctors are now telling us that we need to supplement in order to even get the minimal amount of nutrients that we need.

Our lack of nutrition found in our food is leading to the rise in disease. Our immune systems are failing and have opened a breeding ground for diabetes, cancer, food allergies, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and the list just goes on and keeps growing. We no longer have health care, we have sick care. There in nothing healthy about taking prescription drugs that have more side effects then benefits.

So why Reliv International?

  • Awarded 9 U.S. Nutritional Patents
  • Top rated Compensation Plan
  • Clinical Studies on GlucAffect and CardioSentials
  • Food Science Company – Build around a product that is changing lives
  • Kalogris Foundation – Feeding 43,000 Men, Women, and Children every single day!
  • Recommended by the American Anti-Cancer Institute
  • LunaRich – Powerful component of the soybean

Someone once told me, “You don’t know how sick you are until you start feeling better.

Kalogris Foundation

I am proud to be part of the nutritional industry. I know that the many companies out there are helping thousands to better health. I am a firm believer that you should be supplementing. Each nutritional MLM is unique and offers great benefits. They wouldn’t be around unless they did.

I just know that if you are looking for complete nutrition there is no better supplement than Reliv. 25 years has proven this. The Reliv Classic formulation was created by a food scientist who believe that the cell of the body is where is all starts and once you nourish the smallest cell you will improve the entire organ.

The compensation plan will have you putting money into your pocket from almost the beginning, but success will depend on your efforts. This is not a get rich scheme but a business of building friendships that will last a life time. How much money you make is dependent on how much effort you put into building your business. But I do know this, as part of my team you will have access to some of the top training in the industry. You will learn how to market and build your business without hounding your friends and family.

To join my team go to www.thechefkatrina.com/join-katrina  Only $25 to get started and an automatic 20% off all your orders.

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