No Excuses Summit 6What is No Excuses Summit?

It began as a bonus for an affiliate product. It was just suppose to be a workshop.

The idea was to promote a product and then host a free workshop so those that attended could continue their education and ask questions.

It began as a way to help people get results… and turned into something much bigger.

In just 2 months it went from idea to reality with over 900 people attending.

No Excuses was born around the idea of helping people succeed… hence the phrase, no excuses.

They were laying out the exact blueprint of how to build a business, pure and simple.

Those that attended were in the home based business niche. So network marketers, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, and a few brick & mortar.

These were entrepreneurs that were looking for ‘hands-on’ training and getting it.

With how fast technology is changing how do you stay on top of it all? By attending No Excuses and meeting the marketers that are sharing exactly what they are doing to create a 6-figure, even 7-figure income.

My First No Excuses Summit

Last year was my first time attending No Excuses Summit and it was their 5th year hosting this event.

I was the lost kid hanging out in the background… completely out of my element.

At this point in my business I was having minimal success. I sort of knew online marketing but was still struggling with traffic.

I didn’t have it all figured out, but I knew that by attending this event I was going to learn and I was going to make some new friends.

I’ll be honest with you… It wasn’t the information that the speakers taught that fired me up, it was my peers around me.

It was seeing their hunger and drive to move their business forward. It was the excitement of seeing them get their first lead, right there in the audience. It was the moment that they began to believe.

It was that moment that I realized, I could do this.

Where I Spent My Time

No Excuses Summit Study HallLast year I spent a lot of time in this room. It was the Study Room for No Excuses Summit.

This is where you went to get one to one help in building your capture page, your sales funnel, and even setting up your email auto responder.

The reason I spent so much time in here is because I wanted to see more people get results at this event. I wanted to make sure that every person that left No Excuses had a working sales funnel and knew how to drive traffic to it to get leads.

I wanted them all to walk out with at least 1 lead generated from a campaign they created. It’s all about empowering people and getting them to believe in themselves.

My other secret was that once I taught a person how to do something… they had to teach it to the table. Further helping them retain what they just learned. That was my biggest secret.

Little did I know what was about the happen next.

No Excuses Summit Surreal Moments

Moment number one came from Tim Erway.


Moment number two came from Danielle Ellis

No Excuses Summit

Moment number three came from Michael Greenwood

No Excuses Summit top 10


Moment number four came when Tim Erway, Matt Crystal, Ferny Ceballos, and Raymond Fong publicly recognized me from stage at No Excuses Summit 5 for being a value leader. (surreal moment)

And my last moment came when I did this testimonial… because I had no idea that by making this statement… 8 months later….

On Feb. 27th at 10:07pm Ferny Ceballos asked if I wanted to be one of the panelist on stage at No Excuses Summit 6!

My first reaction was to say YES!

So my question to you… will I see you at this event? Will you commit to your business and your dreams?

Would you like a step by step blueprint for the actions you have to take right now to move your business forward?

Stop making excuses and get your but to No Excuses Summit.

Click here to learn more about No Excuses Summit 6.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Hilary DeFreitas

      I still can’t believe that was your first No Excuses and I’m so proud that you’ll be on stage this year!!! this is so exciting! Congrats

      • Katrina

        Still getting use to it Hilary! Thank you so much for your support! 🙂

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