newbie marketerHow the heck did a complete newbie to the internet marketing world fire her boss in just 6 months?

That was the question on everyone’s mind when we had Hilary De Freitas as our special guess on the 29 Minute Hangout.

Each week the Elite Marketing Chef’s Doug and Katrina seek out industry leaders and upcoming leaders in the internet and marketing industry. Our purpose is to keep it real and get the exclusive interview.

The questions come from our live audience and none of this is scripted.

We first took notice of Hilary when she joined our team #EMPTeamOnFire back in April of last year. She asked A LOT of questions.

But it wasn’t just the questions she asked… it was the fact that she took action as soon as she got her answer.

3 Steps That Allowed Her To Fire Her Boss

Inside this 29 Minute Hangout you are going to get the EXACT steps that Hilary took that allowed here to fire her boss.

I would grab a note pad and pen… it’s time to take some notes.

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Highlights from this 29 Minute Hangout

There are many key points that Hilary makes about what it took to fire her boss.

  1. She found Elite Marketing Pro – what she refers to as her Online Marketing University
  2. She got into action by committing to a 60 day challenge.
  3. She attended No Excuses Summit

Now I did ask her the hard question…. were you making a 6-figure income when you fired your boss in 6 months?

Her honest answer, “No, I was not.”

So what gave her the confidence to take such a HUGE leap of faith and do something that so many of us dream about.

Her answer can be found at 22:30 of the hangout. And there is one other key point that Hilary makes and it will grab your heart. So keep listening after that question is answered.

Maybe because I have watched her grow over the last year… but I truly believe that Hilary De Frietas is a leader you need to connect with and keep an eye on. She is going to do great things.

Closing thoughts:

Learn how to market any business online is a skill. One that needs to be learned.

We attend school for 12 years before we are giving the opportunity to achieve a ‘higher education’.  So don’t get frustrated and give up.

Do what Hilary and so many successful leaders that we have had on the 29 Minute Hangout do… learn and apply.

Success in not in the book knowledge… it’s in the application of knowledge.

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Our special guest next week is Justice Eagan.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    • Hilary DeFreitas

      Hey check me out! It was truly an honour! I still can’t believe I was interviewed on the 29 Minute Hangout!
      Action and masterminding are most important to move forward in this business.
      Really listen to the entire interview.

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