Network MarketingIs it possible to build a network marketing biz online in just 60 days?

This was a question that many asked… Network Marketers, Business Owners, Internet Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.

Is it possible?

Here is the reality… if you don’t have the right tools, training, and support, then the answer is NO.

Your chance of success is next to nil.

I know this because I had little success for 6 years because I didn’t have a coach, a system, or any idea what I was doing.

I followed the shiny objects, jumping from one course to another, never finishing anything. I never stuck with a training long enough to become successful.

That is the honest truth. I was always looking for a faster way.

What my mentor Tim Erway told me was, “there is no fast way”. Only a consistent and persistent way, but with the right tools and coaching.

Network Marketing Tools

If you want to create success online with your network marketing opportunity you are going to need some tools.

These are the tools they never tell you about when you join network marketing.

So right now you are ahead of 90% of network marketers because you are reading this post.

    1. Create Your Avatar – Read my last post about how to find and create.
    2. Blog – Your Lead Generation Tool
    3. Capture Page – Crafting the Right Offer
    4. Email Marketing – Turning your leads in to sales.
    5. Social Media Marketing – Choose one Traffic tool and master it
    6. Coaching – A guide to show you the way.
    7. A Marketing Strategy – a game plan
    8. Tracking – how to track and monitor your success

Now most of this may seem overwhelming or confusing.

And that is not my intent in sharing these tools with you.

I also don’t want you to spend tons of money getting overwhelmed or confused.

So what if I could take your hand, provide these tools for a fraction of the cost, and help you build your business in just 60 days?

The 60 Day Challenge

There is no longer a question if we can help you build your business in 60 days.

We have proven that it is possible, using the tools that you get with Elite Marketing Pro.

The information to learn more is free and I invite you to see what others have said about this 60 Day Challenge.

Tell Me More!

Why this works...

With so much information on the internet, it can seem overwhelming and confusing.

My goal is to eliminate the overwhelm and give you access to what works. The results are in and the testimonials speak for themselves.

Take the EMP 60 Day Fast Start Challenge. Get into action today.

If you know of anyone that can benefit from learning how to build their business online... I invite you you to share this with them. Share the build your business online challenge and watch your team grow.

Also if you got value out of this post, share on Facebook and Google+. Really appreciate you helping to spread the word.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

Chef Katrina







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    12 replies to "Network Marketing Success In Just 60 Days"

    • Mindy Koch

      I am not in network marketing, but I have a network marketing company for a client. Yes, the whole company 🙂 We advise them on their international SEO throughout Europe and try to help them to get the word out in a way that helps all of their distributors.

      I really wish that all the distributors could find a way to tap into a program like this and could know how to truly use the internet to their advantage. It is so great that you are helping people to grow their business and helping them find the resources the need.

      • Katrina

        Hi Mindy. If there is anyway I can help let me know. The training I share is available internationally also. I have a lot of clients in the UK and Europe region. Thank you for reading this post and look forward to having you back on my blog site again!

    • Pat Moon

      I’ve been in network marketing for 29 years. Its not been the journey I dreamed of but the things you talked about have brought me through… being consistent and persistent is the best way! I need to take a look again at your program. It just seems I always have a time deficit. Thanks for sharing.

      • Katrina

        Hi Pat… I have learned that there is never a good time to start or do something. Most of the time you just have to commit and you will find the time. If it’s important enough you will find the time.. if not, then there is never enough time.

        Let me know how I can be of service.

    • Kostas Chiotis

      Thanks for sharing this Katrina. I think we should never underestimate the need for the right tools and support when it comes to successful marketing. I think it is important to explore lots of different tools for lead generation as well, just to make sure that we are covering all bases.

      • Katrina

        Hi Kostas. I agree and disagree all at the same time. Yes, we should be exposed to different tools but sometimes you need to focus on one tool and master it. You can only hammer a nail with one hammer. Try to use 2 and you won’t get the same results.
        I know there are a lot of lead generation tools available online, I have purchased or joined many of them. At the end of the day it’s what works best for you, and Elite Marketing Pro has proven to be the ultimate success tool for me and my team.

        Thank you for sharing! Really appreciate it.

    • Tina

      This is wonderful. I would love to take this challenge…will you be offering it in the future, too?

      • Katrina

        Tina, I have a feeling that this maybe the last time this challenge will happen. So if you want in, now would be the time.

    • Katrina, I can so relate to what you are talking about in this post. There is a method to succeeding with our online business…it’s just to find the right one! I totally agree with what you wrote: “….if you don’t have the right tools, training, and support, then the answer is NO.” This is the reason why only a very small percentage of people succeed…they don’t have the right tools etc. Glad you’ve found yours.

      • Katrina

        Alexandra I have learned a lot from your blog post. And it’s all about finding the right team and using the right tools. There are tons of distractions online and when you focus, put blinders on, success is bound to happen. 🙂

    • Beverley Golden

      It’s wonderful to see such a solid foundation to help those who want to build online businesses, Katrina. And your excitement is palpable and is wonderful to see what is still possible in the noisy online world! Congrats.

      • Katrina

        Noisy it is Beverley. I got distracted by all the noise for years. So it’s nice to have a focus and to have all the tools I need in one place. Loved your blog post today. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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