What Does Network Marketing Online Mean?

Many of us have heard the phrase network marketing online but what does it mean?

network marketing onlineFor network marketers it means using online traffic to drive customers to your product or service.

For many of us we are not quite sure how to do this. It there some magic formula to get people to your site?

Actually there is a magic formula that you need to know.

Magic Formula

  • You NEED your own personal web site
  • You need syndicated traffic
  • You need social media
  • You need good SEO

If you are missing any of these components you will not have a successful network marketing online business.

Each of these components plays a critical part to your success.

Breaking down the magic formula for network marketing online.

Personal web site: One that is not owned by your company and not on a free platform. You need to get into the online real estate business and purchase your domain.

Syndicated Traffic: a group of people or automation that are sending out your content to their fans. You have to be interactive in groups and networking.

Social Media: Be engaging. Find out what your fans need and help them. Ask questions and answer questions. This is not about you… but them.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization – The best is organic, where people are searching you out. They want your content. You need back links and avenues of traffic.

We will break each of these down further on other posts. Each could fill a book on their own.

I promise to walk you through this incredible world.

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    • Pat Moon

      I have been with GNLD Intl since 1985. They were first established as Neo-Life in 1958. Approximately 2 years ago, I started trying to market these wonderful nutritional, skin care, & home cleaners online so I appreciate what I am seeing on your marketing site.

      • Katrina

        Thank you Pat! I look forward to your success! Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

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