My Personal Review of Reliv International

When Reliv International first arrived on my doorstep I had my doubts. I had seen this ‘can of nutrition’ in my parent’s house earlier that year and my mother said… “it’s supposed to be really good”. Not a huge sell right there but whatever.

(updated March 16, 2020)

So I was a bit taken aback when it was sent to me by my mom. My mom never sent me anything and even more so, I never knew that my mom was involved in the network marketing industry.

“Mom? Why are you sending me Reliv?” I asked

She replied, “I was taking it wrong and had no idea how amazing Reliv really was. I sat down with your Aunt and she showed me how to take Reliv the right way… just add water and take it twice a day.”

“Okay, and?”, I asked


Mom replied, “I have never felt better, my pain in my legs is going away, I can now climb up and down the stairs. And Katrina…. I cleaned out the garage yesterday and today I felt amazing.” (note: my parents have a garage that fits 5 cars)

Normally any big activity would take my mom out for days. Leaving her to rest for the rest of the day. So to hear her say that she felt great after cleaning the garage…

Whoa! Now my mom really had my attention.

“Ah Mom. What about the taste and the paper you sent with the Reliv that says I may detox or not feel so great when I first start taking this stuff.”

To which my mom replied, “All that is good for you doesn’t have to taste good, mix it with some O.J., you will figure it out. Just start taking it. As for the detox, come on Katrina, that is a good thing. You want to flush all that crap out and if you start feeling bad that just means it is working. Give it time, your body has never had nutrition like this before.”

My mom was right by the way.

Our nutrition and food have to taste good or we won’t eat it. But did you know that your taste buds will begin to change once you start taking Reliv?

For the first time, you might actually taste your food the way it was meant to be tasted. Sound weird, but it is true. As a former Disney Chef, I can attest that my sense of taste improved by taking Reliv.

Good nutrition isn’t going to taste amazing if it did it probably has a lot of junk or artificial sweetener added to make it taste that way. If you are wondering, I take my Reliv with water. I got used to the taste.

A couple of things I have learned as a Chef, cooking or heating can destroy nutritional properties. There is a chemical breakdown and you can’t guarantee the potency of the vitamin or mineral you are taking. I also learned that a balanced diet is the best diet so when I discovered that Reliv was optimally balanced nutrition, I liked that even more.

When I discovered that Reliv has been awarded 9 U.S. Nutritional patents, I was impressed. There isn’t another vitamin supplement or Network Marketing Company out there that has patented a blend of nutrition to the formulation that Reliv has. It is guaranteed safe, potent, and works.

What I also like about Reliv is that they can guarantee the potency of each and every single ingredient found in the Reliv products. If the can states that you are getting 480mg of vitamin C in every scoop, that is really what you are getting. They took the guessing game away and made it simple to take a nutritional supplement. I am a fan of that.

So when Reliv International partnered with Soy Labs I just knew something cool was about to happen and it did… a peptide called Lunasin was discovered. You are going to want to read more about Lunasin.

So how did Reliv International incorporate Lunasin into their product? They guaranteed its potency.

Lunasin Extract: LunaRich X™

The benefits of soy are well-established, and new research has identified the nutritional component largely responsible: lunasin, a naturally occurring soy peptide.

LunaRich X™ is the most pure, concentrated form of lunasin ever produced — more than 200 times the potency of high quality soy protein. In addition to its own health benefits — from cholesterol reduction to overall cellular health — LunaRich X powers up the benefits you receive from other Reliv products.

For more information about Reliv head over to – I am no longer a distributor for this company.

I still believe in and take the Reliv product even though I’m no longer a distributor. I discovered that I make a terrible network marketer, but I love teaching entrepreneurship to women.

If you are building a business with Reliv or any other digital online business, check out my course, “Unlocking My Millions“.

We help women unlock their millions. Empowering the whole woman to grow and scale her business with fun, play, and ease—a paradigm shift in female entrepreneurship. Experience the difference.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

Chef Katrina

Independent Reliv Distributor

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    17 replies to "My Personal Review of Reliv International"

    • Luisa Guevarra-Lloyd

      Thanks for the info you shared about Reliv. I have just known about the product from someone and recently became a distributor (From Philippines) to try their products for my son who has dravet syndrome, a rare and severe type of epilepsy. I have heard good results from other users and would like to experience it ourselves.

      • Katrina

        Luisa… be consistent in taking your Reliv shakes and the results will happen. Prayers with you and your family. Keep me posted.

    • Art Satrus

      Congrats on finding a company that works for you.

    • Norma frechette

      Been taking Reliv now 20yrs… let me tell you I am one Healthy 70 yr. woman !!!!

      • Katrina

        Hi Norma! Thank you for taking time to read this Reliv post! I don’t go a day without Reliv! What products are you taking?

    • Meire Weishaupt

      I’m glad you found a product that worked for you! Thanks for the info about the product, I didn’t know anything about it!

      • Katrina

        Just sharing some good information. I am glad you liked the post! Have a beautiful day!

    • Delia @ EosGrafx

      It’s the first time I hear about this too. Thanks for sharing with us and good luck with your business!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Delia. It is fun to do what you love! 🙂

    • Aki

      The sounds like a great product. I recently started taking a green shot everyday to make up for some of the nutrients I don’t get in my regular diet.

      • Katrina

        Every bit of good nutrition helps! Haven’t do green shots yet but I hear it is coming to my future!

    • Pat Moon

      Thanks for sharing about Reliv. It is important to represent a company that stands behind their products. I appreciate knowing about it.

      • Katrina

        Thanks for taking a moment to post a comment. Appreciate it!

    • Carele

      Never heard of this company. Thank you for making us discovering it.

      • Katrina

        Thank you for commenting Carele. Just sharing the vision of Reliv.

    • Christy Garrett

      I never never heard of this product. It sounds amazing and can’t wait to hear more about your experience with it.

      • Katrina

        Thanks Christy for you comment! Loving Reliv, been with them for over 5 years and can’t picture myself with any other company. I’m a lifer! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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