My Apology Video to Tim Erway of Magnetic Sponsoring

For those that don’t know, I have been an affiliate with Magnetic Sponsoring for a couple of years. This is my apology to Tim Erway because the other day I had the privilege to attend a webinar by the King Blogger himself Ray Higdon.

Ray was sharing some of his best secrets for generating lead online and one of his secrets was being consistent. So Tim shared his thoughts on being consistent and I felt like he was talking to me, the network marketer that gets their hands on some incredible training and does nothing with it.

Here is my video apology to Tim Erway of Magnetic Sponsoring. Watch to the very end, some really important information.

Tim Erway is CEO of Magnetic Sponsoring…

Tim Erway has been working with 6, 7, and even 8-figure income earners in the network marketing industry for years. Tim had proven over and over again that the secret recipe to success online it…

Invest in your educational development –> Apply what you learned –> Teach what you learned –> Earn Money –> Invest in your education.

This simple formula has been the key for many successful network marketers. If you are not investing in yourself how are you adding value and education to your downline? People follow leaders and leaders invest in themselves.

The reason I am apologizing to Tim Erway is because I failed to apply this simple teaching. I would do a little of what he said to do… and then give up if after 3 or 4 tries if it didn’t work right away. I stopped investing in myself and I stopped teaching attraction marketing to others.

So the biggest take away from this video is to invest in creating a better you. Take the $40 investment and purchase Magnetic Sponsoring. Here is my affiliate link.. You can join my team and work with me and others that are taking on the challenge of applying the methods found in Magnetic Sponsoring and finding success.

Or you can just Google Magnetic Sponsoring and hope you get someone who will help you through the process of applying M.S. Really it is your choice.

Affiliate marketing is the tool you need to not spend your self out of business and M.S. is the most reputable training in the MLM industry. I stake my reputation as a Chef on the products M.S. delivers.

So if you are ready to take your network marketing business to the next level I invite you to join my team and learn from each other. Success breeds success and I want you to be successful.

Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina

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