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I swear I have never lifted a heavier phone then when I have had to call a prospect. The darn thing must weight at least 1000 lbs!

Have you ever avoided the phone… you know, suddenly you had to clean the bathroom, walk the dog, go to the grocery store, or read through your Facebook news feed before you could even make a call to a prospect.

Boy am I guilty of that! I think I have come up with almost every creative way NOT to pick up the phone and call a potential prospect. How crazy is that?!? What could I possibly be afraid of? Rejection?

At the end of the day I had a huge fear of the phone, rejection, and just desperate to have someone join my opportunity.

Being in an MLM wasn’t turning out the way it was suppose to be. I was just suppose to get three of my friends to join, we were all going to become Ambassadors in our company and the money was going to come rolling in.

Not once did my upline say, “hey, this is going to take some hard work from you. You may or many not make any money. Your friends are going to start to avoid you and most of your family is going to refuse to pick up the phone when you call.”

If someone had just said that to me, I don’t think I would have struggled as much. But I can’t be sure because no one ever told me that building my own business was going to be hard.

It takes a daily commitment! You can’t just talk to people one day a week, nope you have got to be talking to people every day!

Light Bulb!!!

So how does this relate to my number one secret to ending phone fear and rejection?

Your Prospects Want You To Call Them!

It’s true, if a prospect gives you their number they want you to call them. They want to hear your voice and learn more about you.

As for you, this is your opportunity to find out if their dreams are a good fit for your team.

Do they have what it takes to be part of your team? Why does this matter? Because you are going to be investing a lot of time and training into them and you don’t have any to waste.

This is called posturing. It is how you handle your calls. Do you ask the questions? Do you interview your prospects?

If you want to learn rejection free recruiting you have got to be interviewing your prospects.

Learn to survey your prospects. Here are 7 questions that can help you close more prospects over the phone. (as taught by Greg Gomez)

  1. What’s the Challenge? – What is your prospects challenge? Money, Time, Overwhelm?
  2. What is the Challenge keeping you from? Freedom, Family, a lifestyle of their dreams?
  3. What other solutions has your prospect tried?
  4. What did they like about those solutions? (x)
  5. What didn’t they like about those solutions? (y)
  6. What are they hoping for in a solution? (Z)
  7. “If I could show you how to get X, without the pain of Y, would that be worth Z? (This is a closing technique that you are learning)

This has got to be the 7 most powerful questions to closing more people into your opportunity. Are you ready to pick up the phone now? Ready to try it out on your next prospect?

I thought so!

Would you like to learn even more Ninja recruiting tactics that your upline never taught you? I thought you might!

So click here to learn some Black Belt Recruiting methods! 

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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      Great article Chef I sure would be trying those questions today!

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        Love it when people take action right away!

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