MLM Tips: Why is Time Management Important?

Why is Time Management ImportantSomething I have been struggling with for years is time management. Even when working in the kitchen it seemed I was always in battle with time. How much time did we have to prep, how much time did it take to cook, how much times is the guest expected to wait, and the list could go on.

So why is time management important?

Once I entered the world of the Network Marketing Industry, time became a much bigger factor. I had to learn how to manage time in a why I never looked at it before.

Let me begin with sharing a story that I just read in Jim Rohn’s book, 7 Strategies for Wealth & Happiness: Power Ideas from America’s Foremost Business Philosopher. This is a short essay by Arnold Bennet on the subject of time. A powerful reminder that we all have 24 precious hours in a day and how we use them has an impact on our lives.

Why is Time Management Important in Your MLM?

In reality there are four attitudes towards the management of time. Each of these is no better than the other. Once you know yourself you can choose where you want to be. My personal preference is the fourth attitude and yet I have been in the other three at different moments in my life.

There is no right or wrong attitude. Yet you do have the choice to move and change how you manage the importance of time. After all you do have 24 hours like everyone else to become rich or to become poor with your time.

     1. The Time Waster – These individual give no thought to time. They choose to keep their life as unstructured as possible. Willing to let the day decided what happens in their life. They make no choice to deal with time… for there is always tomorrow. If you are in network marketing this can be the most dangerous attitude to have, for wasting time will leave you will little to no money.

After being in a structured world for so long, that when I left the corporate structure I rebelled against creating a schedule for my time… it cost me a lot of money, and put me in a situation where I had to ask for money from family and friend just to make ends meet. Needing less that $1000 a month to live… I wasted time because I felt I didn’t need to structure it for success. A painful lesson and one I do not wish to repeat again.

     2. The 9-5 Time Management – This is the most common of time management. We go to work, do our job and head home. This type of management likes evenings off and weekends to play. A few of us venture out into owning our own business, thinking we can be our own boss.

Then we discover that we are having to get there before our staff and be there late into the evening. All responsibility falls on us and we find the stress, well, stressful and decide that we would rather work for someone else that deal with all that stress.

I owned a restaurant for 9 months. Learned that I had to be there all day and all night. Try doing that while still working PT at a corporate job and I don’t have to wonder why I closed the doors. Yet for me, I learned that I love the stress and still didn’t like working for the man. LOL!

     3. The Workaholic – This is the individual that can’t stop working. They always have to have a project or something to do. They have been known to take on 2 or 3 jobs and avoiding sleep is their key driver.

This individual tends to have problems with family, friends, and health. You can’t keep this type of drive up forever. The other problem is that this person isn’t always making money. They are more focused on the project and not the results.

     4. The Enlightened Time Manager – This is the time manager that borrows from the other three. This time management allots time for every aspect of his life. They allot time for wasting by scheduling time to do nothing. Like the 9-5 worker they set hours to work so that they have time for family. And like the workaholic aren’t afraid to work long hours when needed.

The Enlightened Time Manager looks for ways to leverage his time. Like the network marketer that builds a blog to host his presentation. A network marketer that leverages a webinar to present his opportunity. Building a list so that you have people to talk to on a daily basis. Know the value of your time and create more effective ways to use it.

I believe the Enlightened Time Manager is what every MLM’er strives for. A balance of work, family, and play.

Where are you at in your business? Where do you want to be? Share which time management you are in now and which one you want to move into if any, by commenting below.

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    4 replies to "MLM Tips: Why Is Time Management Important?"

    • Adrienne

      Hey Katrina,

      Loved your video and thanks for sharing this message with us. I have found that time is most people’s issue when coming online.

      Although I’m annoyingly organized I have fallen into this myself at times. I want to be everywhere doing everything and helping everyone but it’s just not possible. I’ll hear some people say they want something bad enough but when you hear what they’ve been doing with their time you know why they aren’t having success.

      To me it’s all about how bad you want it. Jim’s right, we all have the same 24 hours in the day. You might have to work much harder in the beginning but your end result will be so worth is so make sure you’re doing the right tasks throughout your day and success is just a “matter of time”. Had to throw that one in there. 😉


      • Katrina

        Hi Adrienne! Love when you comment. You offer amazing insight and you add so much to the conversation. I am learning that time is a precious commodity. My choice is to no longer waste it but enjoy it.

        Building online is tough… it is all about strength and moving forward even when all seems lost.

    • Time management is crucial to get a happy balance. Procrastination is bad as is workaholics.Time should be divided so that there is time for work rest and play.

      • Katrina

        Hi Nayna! Agree! There always needs to be a balance. Time is what you make of it and I am just tired of seeing people waste it away in front of a tv. I guess that is my pet peeve! Thank you for commenting!

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