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The quickest way to create success in your MLM is to start building a team.

Building a team sounds so simple but so few people create a team.

Most people work on building a downline… but that is not a team.

A downline is dependent on the person that brought them into the business. A team is a group of distributors that are bent on helping each other. They don’t see each other as competition but as a benefit to those they share the opportunity with.

From your perspective would you rather join just one person or would you prefer to join a team of successful leaders?

Building a Team

For the last 6 years in the MLM industry I struggled building my business. I didn’t have the mindset to build a team because I wasn’t taught to do it.

The traditional way of building a network marketing business is to go after your hot market… family and friends. Then you go and talk to your warm market… people you know but don’t often see… dentists, doctors, lawyers, co-workers, and the list goes on.

The last thing you are NOT taught is cold marketing.

Because so many people burn through their hot and warm market is such a short period of time, is it any wonder that people don’t succeed after a short period of time in the industry.

So how do you build your business and retain your new distributors… start building a team. Foster an environment where you reward, recognize, and support each other.

Master the art of attraction marketing and teach your team how to duplicate a system.

My favorite training system for my team is Magnetic Sponsoring. It helps me get my team on the same page and promotes the team environment. Plus they get the benefit of a lead generation system that pays them even if people don’t join our team.

That makes a very happy team.

How did you answer the question I asked you in this video? What was your answer?

Be Responsible for Building a Team

Last night I was on a webinar with authority creator Rebecca Woodhead. Rebecca shared how powerful building a community and a tribe is to the success of your business.

But she also cautioned that building a team requires responsibility. When you build a team, people like, know, and trust you. Make sure you don’t abuse that trust.

Decided to be a value leader and continue to maintain your team by empowering them. Become essential to people.

Become the coach and trainer… Hey, I never said building a team was easy but once you have everything in place, things run really smooth.

A team helps keep each other in check and maintains order. You will be shocked on how focusing on building a team rather than a downline changes how you do business.

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Yours in Gratitude,

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    5 replies to "MLM Success: Building a Team"

    • Ryan Biddulph

      BIG difference between building a team and a downline Katrina. Build a community, inspire and be the person you want to attract. Thanks!

      • Katrina

        Hey Ryan! appreciate your comment. You are a true leader and I love the value you put out to your following.

    • Lily Leung

      I could have used this info long time ago when I tried selling Mary Kay! I sure went through my hot and warm markets quick & then nothing!

      • Katrina

        Hi Lily! I would say that is typical for anyone in the network marketing industry. That is one thing they don’t tell you when you join. *sign*. Thank you so much for commenting and if I can be of any further help, please let me know.

    • Kathy Widenhouse

      Your point is so true: people respond to people, not structures or organizations. Good post!

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