MLM Recruiting Made Easy

There is no ONE right way when it comes to MLM recruiting. I am going to share with you my personal story and share my methods and opinions.

I have studied many course on recruiting and found one that hit home for me. “Black Belt Recruiting” was like a balm to my fear of recruiting.

I was as bad as you could be at recruiting for almost 4 years.

Even though I am extremely outgoing in person, the thought of picking up the phone and talking to a lead froze me in my tracks.

I would sit at my desk, staring at the number I had to call back  and making sure I had everything I needed in place. Did I have my pencil, paper, list of questions, a script that I was going to follow, and so forth.

Some times I would wait for the next training call, or make sure my sponsor was available for a 3-way if needed before my fingers ever touched the dial-pad. Heck I would even make up excuses why my upline couldn’t be on the phone. Wrong time of day, they were too busy, I will just do this another time.

I was my sponsors’ worst night-mare because they knew I had the talent and the ability to achieve incredible things, but I always let my own fears and demons get in the way.

If you haven’t been in that position yet… where you just want to stick your hands out and shake someone senselessly because they just can’t snap out of their own mental prison… You will.

Do them a favor and share Black Belt Recruiting with them. The audio is going to be a lifesaver thrown at them in an abyss of endless information.

Everyone needs to be in a constant state of improvement, because if you haven’t figured it out yet this industry is ruthless. It will chew you up and spit you back out, exposing every weakness you have. That is the nature of being in the home business arena.

Now for most people, prospecting and recruiting is a completely emotional event that is driven by fear.

Fear of rejection… What if this person calls me an idiot, yells at me or hangs up? What if my friends make fun of me? What if I get my upline on the phone for a follow up call and they never show?

Fear of failure… I am spending all this money on leads, what if I don’t sponsor anyone? I told my family that I’d make it happen no matter what it takes… What if I fail them? I told my upline that I would be their best distributor this month… What will they think of me if I don’t produce at all?

Fear of success… What if I do sponsor someone? I don’t know what to do with them and I could be the reason they fail. It would be all my fault. What if my friend resent me for making more money than they do? What if this really does become my the door to financial freedom, am I ready for that change?

These fears are part of who we are. They reveal where you’re strong and where you’re weak, which then gives you the ability to transform yourself into who you want to ultimately become.

The sky is the limit — IF — you’re willing to pay the price.

My fears gripped me and controlled my life. I was at their mercy and my life was truly hell because of it.

But then I discovered this little nugget of gold. Black Belt Recruiting was like looking through a peep hold in a door and seeing the life I knew I could have. The best part is now I had the key to unlock the door and step through into my new life. I could finally set aside my fears and have total confidence when I picked up the phone. The demons were chased away and my fear was starting to become a thing of the past.

Fear will always be there but it is what you do in spite of that fear that will open doors to the life you truly want.

Only now am I becoming the recruiter I want to be. It has taken me some time but every day I put forth what I am learning and share it with you. Have I recruited over  20 people into my business this month, no, but do I know that it is possible, YES!

One of the things I like about Black Belt Recruiting is that there are some great answers to the objections we get. You know the questions like:

1. How much money are you making?

Best response: “It’s not about what I make, it’s about what you’re going to do.”

2. Not sure I can afford it.

Best response: it depends. If early in your interview of a prospect, your best response is:

“Dave, it doesn’t cost you anything to check it out.”

If it’s later, after you’ve interviewed then you might want to respond:

“Frankly Dave, with what you’ve shared with me… I don’t think you can afford no to do it.” (Referring back to their “reason why” e.g. they make great money in their JOB, but their kids are growing up without them and they need to work on plan b)

These are just a few of the 25 objections and answers that are shared. I still love the answer for #11. I’m not sure if my wife will let me do this. The answer to this one had me in stitches and ready to try it out the next time I heard this!

Life is about taking steps forward and sometime you get pushed a step back. Don’t let the push back keep you from continuing forward. My hope is that Black Belt Recruiting will help you become a better leader and help you build your organization with quality leads. Work with those that want to succeed and your life will begin to change course.

I look forward to seeing you at the top!

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Yours in Gratitude,

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