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Do you Recruit your family (Hot Market) or People You Don’t Know (Cold Market) first?

MLM Prospecting is something you are going to have to get use to if you want to build your business. And the topic of do you talk to your family and friends about your MLM opportunity,  is one I discuss around the water cooler almost every day. But, I have to share with you, the most profound thing ever said to me was by Tim Erway and he said he got it from Mike Dillard….

Question:”When do you recruit your family and friends into your business?”

Answer: “When you don’t need them.”

Wow, talk about being knocked over the head with a revelation. I almost want to smack my hand to my fore head and say…. “DUH!”

The hardest part is approaching your family and friends with your opportunity and the most hurtful NO is the one that comes from your family and friends. We take such a vested interested in them joining us in our business that when they say no, we are crushed. It weights heavy on us and we start thinking… “Maybe I can’t do this business, maybe network marketing is a scam.” Every time we get a NO from our family and friends it makes it harder and harder to stay positive about our opportunity and before you know it your dreams are crushed and you headed back to the office.

For some it may be easier to prospect with people you don’t know. There is less vested interested in getting a NO from them. You become indifferent and learn that getting a NO just makes you more determined to go find someone that will say YES! It hurts a little less and you learn to grow a thicker skin. And that could be a good thing.

Now the question comes… What marketing tactic are you using to start prospecting? Social Media? MeetUp Groups? Ads? Flyers? Parties? In-home Parties?

My recommendation to you… find one that you are really passionate about and start there. If you like social media, choose one vehicle to drive. But choose one and stick with it until you are generating at least 5-10 leads a day. Stay focused and learn from leaders that are already using that tool and are showing you how to do the same.

So good ahead and share this post with perfect strangers. I am okay with that. Just make sure you use that “sexy” social media buttons below. Heck you can even show some love by clicking that cool looking “like” button. Who knows… you might just tell a stranger that you are learning about online marketing. So Cool!

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    2 replies to "MLM Prospecting – Hot or Cold Market?"

    • Brad

      Very useful information! As always, you are delivering THE content that EVERY Network Marketer can learn, apply and profit from! No matter if they have “computer” experience or none at all. Keep on sharing! Countless other MLM, Network Marketers and Business Owners need more leads just as I do.

      Thank you for being…YOU!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Brad! As always it is a pleasure to see your comments. Let me know if you have any questions. Katrina

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