Are You Struggling with Motivation?

If you are anything like me, you attend a seminar or conference and afterwards you are pumped. You start making your calls, do amazing follow up, and then things start to fall off. You just aren’t as motivated.

It is hard to focus on your training and you are just not sure. It is so easy to say… “I will do that later.”

Then later turns into tomorrow and before you know it you haven’t done anything.  Can you relate?

So I decided to be un-motivated.

I know… why would I want to be un-motivated?

Cause I would rather be inspired!

Inspiration is what keeps me going. Inspiring others to achieve more and meet their goals.

It is in the inspiration that I continue to write my blog.

I know that someone is where I was not too long ago.  Struggling with technology but wanting to use it to build their network marketing business.

I learned how to build a blog from my mentors who inspired me and gave me hope. I didn’t have anyone holding my hand but knew that if they could do it then I had a good chance that I could do it also.

This is the reason that I created “7 Day Social Media Income Transformation.” I wanted to teach people how to build a blog from scratch and hopefully make technology seem less scary. I want to help people over come the struggles that they have with technology.

As my mentor Robert Kiyosaki said, “Learn the words, for words are power.” Once you learn the lingo and understand what is being said you feel like you are playing in the right arena. If you have never heard of SEO, capture page, keyword, blogging, attraction marketing, sales funnel, or traffic, then begin to learn them.

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Yours in Gratitude,

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