MLM Leaders Read: Magnetic Sponsoring

MLM LeadersSo what are MLM Leaders reading this week? In this weeks book review we are covering Magnetic Sponsoring.

This book/course launched back in early 2004 and since that time and become a staple for any MLM Leader. Those that have embraced the attraction marketing teachings have gone on to become extremely successful in there MLM and beyond.

Magnetic Sponsoring was the first book geared toward network marketing that addressed and solve the issues surrounding network marketing. Instead of beating people over the head with your opportunity or product, Magnetic Sponsoring showed you how to use attraction marketing to build your business.

A new concept of online marketing was born.

How does Magnetic Sponsoring work for MLM Leaders?

The question that is commonly asked by those that look at Magnetic Sponsoring is… “How can it help me get leads for my specific MLM? If I am sharing the magnetic sponsoring course, how does that help me build my business?”

My response… Education and training. What better way to build your network marketing business that by connecting with those already in the network marketing industry. People join and leave companies all the time. People constantly search the web looking for people and opportunities to join. Discover how to make money when people say no to your opportunity.

Why wouldn’t you want to get paid to prospect?

There is not better lead than one that already understands the industry. Now they are just looking for a leader to follow… and they just found you.

  • If they are with another company- perfect, you still got paid. (50% chance they may change companies in the future and now you are building a relationship with them)
  • If they are thinking of leaving their company – perfect, introduce them to what you do.
  • If they are looking for a home business and haven’t found one yet – perfect, introduce them to what you do.

So what if they say no to your opportunity? Everyone is looking for help to build their business, why not share a powerful tool that changed your business?

Online marketing is about building relationships and MLM Leaders build relationships with Magnetic Sponsoring.

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I have yet to meet any TOP MLM Leaders that haven’t used or learned from Magnetic Sponsoring.

Isn’t now your time to be a top MLM Leader in your MLM opportunity. Make this your year to get on stage and win the bonus prizes!

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