MLM Leaders Read: How to Win Friends and Influence People

MLM Leaders ReadAs an MLM Leader I found this book by Dale Carnegie to have one of the biggest impacts on my life.

How to Win Friends & Influence People is a book on the basic understanding of the human condition. We develop better relationships when we listen and work to find a win-win situation in everything we do.

I think we have gotten lost in a world of too much competition and back stabbing. Through the teachings of Dale Carnegie we see that there are others way to persued and influence people.

The phrase, “People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” is a perfect example of Carnegie’s teachings.

Every single one of us wants to be respected, appreciated, and thanked.

Quick story…

Back when I work at my corporate job the number one complaint by employees was that they didn’t feel appreciated. When asked to explain it came down to a simple phrase. “Thank You.”

These two words gained me respect, appreciation, and made me a favorite leader among the team. My ability to just say Thank You opened more doors and allowed me to do things that most thought were impossible.

We had one cook that never stayed late to help or assist the PM crew. If we were short handed, asking this cook was bound to always produce a no. Many had asked over his 40 years with the company and none had ever been able to get him to stay late.

One night I came in and was extremely short staffed. I called everyone and no one was able to come in to cover the shift we were down. As a last resort I turned to this cook and asked if he would be willing to stay. We had a great relationship and this was the first time I had ever asked.

His reply, “For you, I am willing to stay and help.”


When my leaders found out what had happened they wanted to know what I had promised the cook. They couldn’t believe that I got him to stay. I told them, that all I did was ask.

But it was also the influence of this book that I recommend for any MLM Leader, that allowed me to ask and get the reply that I got.

I learned to value and appreciate everyone that I come in contact with. You never know who you will meet that will change your life forever.

Have you had a chance to read this book yet? What was your reaction to what you read? How did it influence your life?

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    4 replies to "MLM Leaders Read: How to Win Friends and Influence People"

    • Vanessa Terrell

      Thanks for sharing this book and your story. I too believe that saying Thank You speaks volumes! So Thank You Katrina for sharing and I will be looking for this book to read!

      • Katrina

        Hey Venessa! Welcome back! I know you will fall in love with this book. Simple to read or heck even grab it on audio and listen to it. I am sure you will have tons of ah ha moments like I did! 🙂

    • Jewel Williams

      This is a great story that you have shared. A simple thank you does so much! Great post!

      • Katrina

        Thank you, I believe is the most powerful comment you can ever say.
        Good to see you back here again Jewel! How are things going?

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