MLM Leaders Read: Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk

MLM Leaders Read Crush ItBy now most MLM Leaders have heard of, “jab, jab, jab, right hook!” but did you know that Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion was Gary Vaynerchuk first book.

Isn’t it time you cashed in on your passion.

So many of us have these brilliant ideas and do nothing with them. Gary talks about how easy it is now with the internet to cash in on your passion. Now more than ever, it’s easier to build your personal brand and catapult your business.

As a blogging coach my students hear me say this all they time when they start working with me. What is your passion? What keeps you up at night and makes you want to scream your message to the roof tops?

When creating a blog, your online real estate, you have to have a passion for what you write or you won’t write at all. Getting someone else to write your message, is not you. Why depend on someone to be your voice. They don’t know what is in your head. They don’t know your thoughts.

Even though I struggled with blogging in the very beginning, the more I wrote the better my message got and the better my follow up got. I didn’t realize till now that by learning to blog I was creating my own follow up. I was making it a point to teach and train others. The days that I miss blogging, I feel like I have let my fans down.

MLM leaders learn that the success comes in the follow up and the communities. When you create a group that is supportive and empowering, success is close on their heels. Those that join me in my MLM have success because they have support. They have  a place to grow and learn. That is the difference to traditional MLM training. You are left out in the cold trying to figure out online marketing.

I believe that sharing and teaching, give my team, Team on Fire, an advantage that many want but few find. That is what makes a team successful.

In this video I share with you some of the best insight I got from this book Crush It! Secrets are revealed on how to stay ahead and lead the way with your MLM opportunity.

MLM Leaders don’t blend in, they stand out!

That quote is a powerful quote. Think about it. Are you following the masses or are you stepping out into your voice and sharing your passion.

For all of my Blogging Ingredient students, the first thing we talk about is what is your passion. Once we know that, we can create your story and build in your MLM opportunity. But your story is what matters most. Your passion is where your business begins.

People want to know how much you care, not how much you know. So provide a service to your bloggers. If they are struggling to build online then help them find the solutions to change that. If your readers want to know how to get healthier, then share with them how to do that beyond your MLM.

Value is key to the success of any blogger and anyone wanting to build online. If you are struggling with getting traffic to your site and generating leads, follow my step by step recipe for Blogging Success.

To become a MLM leader you must first develop yourself, so get your hands on Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion.

Now is the time to launch your passion!

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Yours in Gratitude,

Chef Katrina van Oudheusden

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    8 replies to "MLM Leaders Read: Crush It"

    • While I am not a huge fan of MLM, I do appreciate the value of network marketing, or tribe marketing. Crush It is a fabulous book and his story is very inspiring.

      • Katrina

        Honestly this is what I teach anyone that joins a MLM. Follow your passion first and learn to attract people to your opportunity. When you are honest about the opportunity that is when the real business building begins. Glad you enjoyed the book. 🙂

    • Lynda Lippin

      Chef Katrina, I love Gary’s work. His lessons apply to any marketing and business building, MLM or other. Great stuff!

      • Katrina

        Hi Lynda! Welcome to my blog. I totally agree, his story is about following your passion and being yourself. When that is followed online, magic happens. Are you following your passion?

    • MLM has made a few of my friends very successful and am sure it has its positives. Being a Marketer myself I do appreciate it as a great way ahead for certain products and concepts. Cheers!

      • Katrina

        Hi Manjirik, Thank you for taking time and stopping by to comment. Network marketing gets a bad rap because many of us and I include myself never learned the art of attraction marketing. Reading, self development, and paying it forward are what make attraction marketing successful. Looking forward to seeing you share your comments and insight on future posts. 🙂

    • Fiona Maclean

      MLM is not for me but I know it works brilliantly for some products and for some people so best of luck!

      • Katrina

        Thank you Fiona! I am enjoying the journey and having a lot of fun in the process! Are you following your passion?

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