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Still struggling to recruit more leads into your MLM opportunity?  Have you read Black Belt Recruiting?

For years I struggled with what to say to get someone to join me in my opportunity. I also know that 99% of network marketers struggle with recruiting.


Because we don’t know what to say. We don’t know what questions to ask. We don’t know what to listen for.

And you are not alone….

Every new MLM leaders struggles with recruiting. We think it is going to be easy…. just tell a few people, they are going to love it and join you.

How hard can it be?

The honest truth about Black Belt Recruiting

Finally someone pulls back the curtain and reveals the truth behind recruiting.

Mike Dillard and Mark Wieser reveal the truth inside their training course black belt recruiting.

The #1 mistake that all MLM leaders make in the beginning (and I include myself) is lack of posturing.

What is posturing, you ask? I took door number 5

5. A frame of mind affecting one’s thoughts or behavior; an overall attitude.

It is how we position ourselves to our prospects. Do you come across as a leader or a lack luster, needy distributor?

Do you go out and share with people or do you hide in your closet hoping for people to find you because you don’t want to bother them?

  1. Do you ask questions during the recruiting process and sit back and listen?
  2. Or do you verbally “vomit” on your prospects…. telling them how great everything is and why they need to join.

The difference in the two scenario’s above are the difference between becoming a 6-figure income earner in your company or stay broke and miserable.

Why Black Belt Recruiting?

Why should you get your hands on Black Belt Recruiting?

  1. Mindset – Develop the mindset of a 6-figure recruiter.
  2. How to handle objects – the answers your upline NEVER told you
  3. The Take-A-Way – a secret recruiting skill…
  4. Discover how to recruit 20 new reps a month into your business.

>>> I want Black Belt Recruiting <<<

This is my #1 recommended course for MLM recruiting. All the skills, knowledge, and training you could ever want at your finger tips.  There isn’t a more complete recruiting course found online.

Isn’t it time you stopped “verbally vomiting” on your prospects and learned how to attract prospect to you and build a team of leaders. This free video will show you exactly how Mark Wieser was able to recruit 20 reps a month into his MLM. Don’t miss out on this training.

>>> I want Black Belt Recruiting <<<

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