MLM Hot Topic: Why Blog?

Why BlogWhy Blog? This is the most asked question that I get from network marketers.

Everyone wonders, “what’s the big deal about a blog?”

Blogging is a BIG deal. One of the most powerful tools a home business owner can use is a blog. Why?

One blog post can last forever on the internet. If keyworded correctly and SEO’d the right way, this post could potentially rank #1 on Google.

From that point this one post could produce leads for day, months, and years to come.

So Why Blog?

Some gentle reminders about the purpose of a blog.

Now there are only 2 reasons that people go online.

  1. Entertainment – people watch video, TV, play games, etc.
  2. Information – They are looking for help, answers, communities, and even your product or service.

So why blog, is really about making sure that you are blogging for a purpose. Most of us want to make money with our blog.

Some of us want to build communities. And other just want to share what they’re passionate about.

But blogging has to have a purpose. Your blog site has to have a purpose. I know a lot of bloggers that get started and then do nothing. They get frustrated because they aren’t getting the traffic or making the money they thought they would.

There is a system to blogging. An exact science to how to blog for profit and build your brand.

Blogging is your online real estate and it can become a hot commodity. Blogging is inexpensive to create and has the potential to be a cash cow.

So if you are looking to make money with your blog but just don’t know how to do it…

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