MLM Hot Topic: Slow is Fast Online

slow is fastDo you think your business is moving too slow online? Feel as though you are not getting the results you want? More traffic? More leads?

In a world where everything is just one click away, is it any wonder that we expect the same with our business?

When I first but my business online felt like I should have over night success. The old say, “if you build it, they will come” no longer applies to the internet world. We walk around with computers in our hands and access to the world right at our finger tips.

There is a lot of strengths in being online and we just need to remember that it is not going to happen over night.

Sharing a quick video with you from Branson, MI as I hang out at my family reunion.

Slow is Fast Online

In all honestly it takes about 18 months if you are starting from scratch to build your business online. That is the shortest time I have seen so far. I do know of others leaders that have done it in 6 – 12 months but they also had some authority status before they got committed to their business.

I just have seen and I am experiencing it also the slow to fast online growth process.

85 days ago I started my business online. What did that look like? I got committed. I gave myself 90 day goal of blogging every day, video every day, and socializing online on facebook every day. With just that, I have created an income that is covering my base living expenses. I am building authority online and I am having fun!

Now I know I have many fans that like to watch and follow, but those that sign up and join me either in an affiliate, blogging ingredients, or home base business get my experience of online marketing. I will guide you to do what works and keep you from making the mistakes of what doesn’t work.

There is no fast way to build a business online. You have to commit to doing business online. That is where most people struggle.

They think that if they do it for a week they will have continual success. And after 5 years of not committing, the goals I have set are changing my life. That has made all the difference in the world.

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