MLM Hot Topic: Reliv International Opportunity

top mlm reliv internationalDoes Reliv really work? It is the best opportunity for you?

Here is what I know.

Six years ago I received a package at my doorstep. Inside this box were two cans of Reliv nutrition.

It was a can of Reliv Classic and a can of Reliv Innergize.

So the first thing I did was call my Mom and ask why she was sending this to me. LOL

The Reliv opportunity is one of the best I have seen. I have made it a point to educated myself on other opportunities by attending their meetings and conferences. I think it is of benefit to know your competition.

So what makes Reliv sooooo different from every other health and wellness MLM out there.

Scientific Research that has allowed Reliv to share the #1 Epigenetic Superfood in the the world. Let me introduce you to Lunasin.

Reliv has the highest bio-active Lunasin available in the world. 6x-10x greater than anything currently on the market. With over 50 studies Lunasin and Reliv are proving to be a ground breaking opportunity.

It isn’t often that you see a successful MLM recreate itself with a product. But that is just what Reliv did. They have taken their mission to “Nourish the World” to a whole new level.

Here is a peek at the Reliv Opportunity.

Now really is the best time to join Reliv, for only $25 you can start building your home business today. During the next couple of months Reliv has launched it’s most exciting business builders opportunity. Details below.

August – October 2013
Rev up big growth in your business with Reliv’s all-new Ignition Promotion!

Part I: Earn Fast & Furious
Volume qualifications for new and existing Distributors to earn bigger profits have been slashed to unprecedented levels for the next three months!
25% profit: 700 now only 350!
30% profit: 1,500 now only 700!
35% profit: 3,000 now only 1,500!
and… Master Affiliate 40% profit: 5,000 now only 3,000!

Part II: Lap Leader Bonus
Top volumes each month (August – October) in North America will earn bonus cash!
1st – $2,500….. 6th – $1,400
2nd – $2,250….. 7th – $1,300
3rd – $2,000….. 8th – $1,200
4th – $1,750….. 9th – $1,100
5th – $1,500….. 10th – $1,000

Part III: Checkered Flag Bonus

Top cumulative volumes from August – October in North America will earn even bigger bonus cash!
1st – $6,000 ….. 6th – $2,500
2nd – $5,000 ….. 7th – $2,250
3rd – $ 4,000 ….. 8th – $2,000
4th – $3,500 ….. 9th – $1,500
5th – $3,000 ….. 10th – $1,000

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