MLM Hot Topic: Prospecting Online

Are you prospecting online for your business?

prospecting onlineDid you know that there is a wrong and a right way to prospect for clients and leads online?

Back when I first got online I did not fully understand what I was doing online. I knew I needed a blog, landing page, and to use social media to drive traffic. I had some training and just went online.

About 5 years later I learned that I needed a system in place and today I am going to share my secrets with you.

Top 3 Secrets for Prospecting Online

  1. Prospect on a Social Media platform you already know or one you want to know more about. Everyone always thinks that they have to be on all social media sites. If you try to do this you will feel overwhelmed and more than likely give up. When you focus on one social platform your prospecting will better.
  2. Have a system in place. A lot of time we get on social media and we just post. Posting with a purpose is going to be better for prospecting online. Are you posting to drive people back to your blog? Are you posting for people to buy a product? What kind of sales funnel or even traffic formula are you using to move people from fans to buyers or clients. Making sure you are a value provider.
  3. Engage with your fans. Most of us, including myself, get online and just post. But what about engaging your fans? Ask questions. Give tips away that most people would pay to learn. If a fan comments, comment back. Go out and comment on other people’s post and engage them in conversation. This also improves your social ranking.

People do business with those that they engage with. To have the best engagement possible I recommend getting really good at one social media site and then add as you have mastered one.

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    3 replies to "MLM Hot Topic: Prospecting Online"

    • Laurie

      Hi Katrina,

      One of the best “secrets” I’ve learned was from a woman on Twitter who has thousands of followers: seek out people and ask them how they are. I remember being shocked that this woman actually took the time to tweet me, and to respond to my tweets! That was cool.

      Of course, it takes time to properly engage people and enchant them. That’s the tricky part of being an entrepreneur — figuring out the ways to engage people that work for you, that come naturally to you.

      Stay true to you,

      • Katrina

        I agree. Connecting with people will get you the best rewards online. It is all about make each people feel special and unique. That is where the magic happens. Thank you so much for commenting.

    • Great tips X

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